Obesity – its dangers and health risks

Fat in our body is actually good for us. Surprised? Let us get into the depth of this statement. Fat actually helps protect our internal systems, keeps us thermally protected and softens any blows we that we may be unfortunate enough to receive! Does that mean we should be fat? It means you should read on:

It is obesity that is harmful. Obese people should reduce their weight to avoid any serious problems and disorders. People who are obese actually have three times more risk of premature death than non-obese people.

Body Mass Index or BMI when exceeds 30 is classified as obesity. Grave obesity comes at the level of 40 BMI and this is a serious risk to a person’s health. Ideal weight and obesity come on a range or scale such that the difference becomes important in terms of health and insurance. Health risks include diabetes, hypertension, arthrosis, respiratory problems, cardiovascular problems, and even cancer.

Obesity can also lead to several risk factors like when a general anesthesia is given to a patient for a surgery. What this means is that anesthetic accidents can happen to obese people.

Risks can be controlled when parameters are under control. Weight will be less influential. Research indicates that if a person loses about 10% of weight, it can be really helpful. This goal becomes easier to reach than reducing a lot of weight, and sufficiently decreasing weight is linked to reduction in mortality rates by 20%, 40% reduction in cancer risk and 30% reduction in diabetes risk.

After calculation of BMI, waist measurement needs to be taken. This measures the amount of fat in the abdominal area. Health risk from obesity is primarily related to the fatty deposits in the abdominal area. Waist measurement is important when the person’s BMI is below 35% as this indicates that health risk is higher when this measurement is high. The typical waist measurement for women is 88 cm while for men it is 102 cm. This measurement is typical for reduced health risk.

If there are some conditions that are present in the person, primarily when he or she is obese, then losing weight will be immensely beneficial. These pathological conditions include, respiratory, cardiovascular or diabetes related problems.

There are various weight control and weight loss plans out in the market, and in many medical centers. If one follows these healthy diet plans, there is a significant chance of reducing health risks, including pathological risk related to the condition of obesity. On top of that, one does not have to follow a very exhaustive or restrictive diet plan either!

How to Use Alkaline Water to Lose Weight:

Alkaline ionized water is one of the most helpful healthy resources that has been shown to help in weight loss. Alkaline water basically removes all acidic waste from the body particularly from the fat cells thus helping in losing weight naturally. It also helps in releasing the fat from fatty deposits. What alkaline water does is that it helps in decreasing acidic waste from the body and stops fat storage in the body. Toxins and free radicals also get flushed out from the body along with acidic waste, through drinking alkaline water. Fat reduces as fat cells have fat flushed out from them through this water. Natural and ideal weight can be achieved once the body is not acidic any more! A water ionizer is a very sound investment.