Obesity is Fatal

Every additional study that is done on obese people is bringing new links to light and so obesity is now viewed as a more dangerous condition than before. The reports that are publicized often never reach their tasks, or if they do then they're ignored or dismissed by the people they are trying to reach. To make an impact on the people who need to know this information, steps should be taken to force the acknowledgment of problems by those people. Their return attitude to nutritional problems needs to be reviewed through strong action.

There are a range of different illnesses that can be attributed to the fact that someone is obese. Obesity may be the cause, either directly or indirectly, of many potentially fatal conditions. There are certain illnesses, like heart disease that are well known to be exacerbated or caused by obesity, but more and more illnesses are being shown to be linked to obesity. The latest scientific studies have now linked cancer to obesity , particularly kidney cancer. The results of different studies are published repeatedly in different newspapers and magazine in the hope that they will persuade people to change their lifestyles.

This has been ineffective since one of the most difficult things is trying to persuade obese people that they are the ones who need to enact the changes in their lives. The idea that they will be one of the people who is unaffected by the health problems is very loyal in obese people. Even those people who realize that they can be affected are likely to be unwilling to do anything to change their lifestyle. They ask why the conditions were not a problem before, which is a major misconception. A rise in the number of obese people has led to more studies of obesity which has brought the links between obesity and other conditions to light.

One method is to weigh obese people and force them to take steps to agree for each pound above an acceptable weight. This can take the form of a variety of different actions including community service. Spending time attending to obese people who are suffering from diseases related to obesity could force them to face the harsh reality of the situation they have put themselves in. The acknowledgment of the link between those problems and their lifestyle may provide motivation to change their lifestyle.

Another method would be to create an additional tax which could either be levied on their weight by pound. Alternatively the tax can be on different types of food depending on what their nutritional value is. The tax they pay can go towards the health care that they will need for problems related to their excessive weight. This will help to potentially relieve taxes for those people who have healthy lives who are currently forced to pay for those services. The more they weigh the more they must contribute to the health services they use as a result.