Obesity In Kids


A generation or two ago, obese kids were the exception rather than the norm. These days, kids are getting heavier and unhealthier than ever. Modern diet consisting of fat-laden, sugar loaded junk food and drinks are a major cause of the problem. The lack of exercise is the other reason why so many kids today are so fat.

Kids may be able to get away with eating to their hearts' content as long as they burn off the exercise through exercise. That was the case in the pre-video-game era. Now, computers, video games and the internet provide much of kids entertainment. These have become far more popular than the old games children used to play, games like like tag, hopscotch, skipping, soccer and basketball which would burn loads of calories for kids in the past, kids these days are mostly couch potatoes.

If you can get kids to regain an interest in the games we played before video games, the problem of childhood obesity would be greatly reduced. For starters, get them to play games like badminton [http://www.toyskidslove.com/badminton-sets.htm], or soccer. These are sports that still hold the interest of kids today. For starters, lure them away from the video games by promoting them a treat after playing badminton. Gather a group of kids to play real soccer (not the virtual reality version) or basketball. Playing with friends in real life might hopefully win the child over from video games other sedentary activities.

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