Obesity In America

Unlike in most developing countries obesity does not present a problem because food is reality scarce and the choices are few. However in America it is just the opposite situation where there is an abundance of food and the usual sources are unfortunately fast food selections. With fast food Americans have a tendency to overeat which represents the root cause of obesity. Obesity is not just a weight issue but more as to what you actually eat. Unfortunately many people are not fully aware of what their food contains and if the food they eat is really nutritional. Fast food with its growing amount of fats and sugars are all a serious causes of both adult and teenage obesity.

America represents one of the progressive nations within the world today due to the high progress involving its technology. As a result of this technology most Americans are finding that they are living in a fast-paced lifestyle. Along with this lifestyle comes the usual eat quickly and get back to work routine which welcomes the fast food establishments with welcome arms. This is one of the main causes of obesity in America – the proliferating fast food chains which are patronized by almost all people in the country and in particular by the young teenagers.

Another item which has contributed to the problem is since we have all these advances in technology most calorie burning work usually accomplished in our daily routines has completely disappeared. Without these daily physical workouts and recreational activities they tend to become overweight.

The third factor which supports obesity is the food portion sizing. Upsized meals which are available in most fast food restaurants are high in calorie intake and usually exceeding the ideal daily dietary level for most adults. With the vast selection of meals available from the menu choices it is an easy matter to overeat. It is vital to value food quality and not just the size.

Obesity leads to life-threatening problems and one needs to act immediately if they are obese. The most common solutions for combating obesity are to follow a specific dietary plan. There are several kinds of diet plans available which are designed by health enthusiasts however they also fail due to several often overlooked issues such as:

You lose the excess weight but quickly gain it back

You always feel hungry on a diet

You can’t stick to a diet for very long

You convince yourself that you will be overweight forever

If you truly want to change you and only you have to start this change yourself. You have to make a firm commitment to complete what you plan to accomplish in order to reduce your obese condition. You know the reasons behind it and you know the consequences. It is up to you to do the right thing and begin the change in yourself.