Obesity – How to Stop Obesity in 28 Days

Every obese person knows who they are. Most of you have a reason for being so big and you also know, deep down, what that is. If you stop being negative and start being creative, you can turn this terrible state you are in around. If you really want to live a better life and achieve all those goals you have had in mind, listen to your heart and, yes you can, does apply to you.

 Obesity-How  to stop  Obesity  in 28 days.Here are several tips to help you.

  1. Challenge yourself to find out what your #1 obstacle is and start looking at ways to attack this head on. You are big for a reason that no one else knows but you. If it is medical, get help. If it is mental, get help.If you simply love to eat all the wrong foods and you know it, you need to start helping yourself. In 2010, make this new year the one you decided to change your life forever.Challenge yourself, body, mind and spirit.
  2. Develop a plan. Their is lots of information on the Internet and many world leading authors about the subject right here on EzineArticles that can answer most questions you have and give you direction. It has taken you all your life to get obese, take 28 days and commit these days to finding a path you can follow and stick to it.
  3. Identify the culprit(s). Look into and study as much information as you can on your own about all the foods you think are preventing you from losing weight. Go to Google and ask what are the benefits and the dangers(side effects) of all those products. You know what the products are but do you really know what they are doing to your body? You are the master of your body, your mind is in your control.
  4. Start walking. Walking around the block can save your life. Your body needs to move. Your heart needs to pump more oxygen to all those big limbs. Just walk from your sofa to the kitchen can be hard today but just take 1 extra step for 28 days will create something in your brain that you will not believe. Start today, one more step is all you need everyday and your will be a living “miracle”.
  5. Have faith in yourself. I believe I am the most important person on earth. Are you? I did not have any faith in myself when I was obese and that energy wasted was all my fault. I spent so much time eating that my brain was on hold most of the time. Become the most important person in your life and tell yourself so every night as you fall asleep and first thing every morning when you get up.

Accepting to challenge yourself is the first step. You can overcome anything you put your mind to.

Food for thought. Start today, get ready, your 28 day challenge is right in front of you.