Obesity – How to Become an Obesity Critic

Being overweight is one thing but being huge and obese is a crime against humanity. Strong words that seem to have no effects on the general population. Stand up and be counted. Do you want to learn what you can do from your kitchen table? You see overweight people everywhere and yet who is doing something about it? I am, can you help? The news are full of medical problems all governments are trying to deal with. Not enough resources, Doctors, health care providers, hospitals, and add to this the fact that most of the population is overweight. You can do something, just like me. Join in and do your part. Let me show you how to begin.

Obesity-How to become an obesity critic. Here are the 5 steps you need to qualify:

  1. You have to be obese, have been obese or be a very close relative, friend or parent of a person that needs your help because they are overweight.
  2. You must be available at least one hour a week to read on and study material that will help you gain knowledge of not only the problems but, the solutions available that you can discuss openly about.
  3. You need no medical qualifications only a true desire to do something about “it”. All the medical advice in the world right now seems to have no effects on the ever growing obesity crisis.
  4. You must be willing to take action, write your own Blog, submit articles to news media groups, start forums on the Internet to raise awareness, write letters to your political leaders, school principals, church leaders, gym owners, physical education activists and all other people willing to listen.
  5. You need to get mad and repeat the old saying,”I am not going to stand for it anymore”, when you get up everyday. I write about it everyday and will not be intimidated by others that ask what my qualifications are. I am a very concerned human being, that is the greatest qualification you can have.

When I started writing this article I asked myself one simple question:”Who do you think you are, to start ranting about something you are not an expert at, have no medical qualifications for, and just might get severely criticized for your ridiculous outpouring of emotions towards something you have little or no control over”.

My answer is very simple,”I Pierre William Trudel am a father, a grandfather and a responsible human being. I owe nothing to some, everything to others but most of all, I must speak my mind to protect my family and all others that are defenseless against this incredible pandemic sweeping the world”.

If you want to know more about what I learned and have a desire to help, follow me.

Food for thought.