Obesity – Do You Want to Know How to Stop Obesity?


Obesity is on the rise around the world. Fact. Solutions to solve the problem are slow to appear. Fact. What is the missing ingredient? We are all looking in the wrong places. Fact. The solution is sitting in cities all across the world. Fact.

Obesity-do you want to know how to stop obesity?

  • Their is a solution that is available right now if we just look at the right place.
  • The solution is sitting in every city across the world.
  • The experts to solve the problem are all there and waiting for the signal.
  • Millions are being sent to locate this solution and we just do not see it!

Exercise more and eat less is the message used to tell people to reverse the obesity epidemic. The people say this statement are all wrong.

  1. The concept to solve the problem is sitting in their gym's but the approach needs to change.
  2. We now need to say, "Learn to eat better, lose the weight first, then use the exercise to keep it off".
  3. Set up classrooms all over the world to teach people how to eat "Smart".

People join gym's to lose weight and that is not what happens. You need to go to the gym, start in the classroom for 16 weeks or more and do not any exercise at all until you have learned how to eat better and that you have reached your objective as set out by the experts.

Once you have reached the desired goals, then and only then can you start to use the equipment to tone and keep your body in shape.

The classroom setting, in the right environment, is the only way to take control of the obesity epidemic.

  • The system exists.
  • The professionals are all in place.
  • People need the help, want the help and join the gym's already.

The only missing ingredient is the guidance to put it all together.

Food for thought.