Obesity Causes

Obesity causes a loss in the quality of your life. If you’re obese, climbing a flight of stairs, walking with your children through the park and even doing common household chores can become an ordeal. Obesity can also lead to some severe health conditions, such as diabetes, heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Being a little over weight does not constitute being obese. In North America, according to the National Institute of Health, over 60% of adults are overweight, but only about 25% of those are considered obese. Both of these statistics are staggering. Basically, 1 in every 4 adults is obese. Considering the fact that obesity causes an increased chance of respiratory problems, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, gall bladder disease and osteoarthritis, not to mention the decrease in your mobility and energy levels, it’s a wonder that so many people allow themselves to become obese.

In most cases obesity can be avoided all together. For some it’s unavoidable, such as people who suffer from thyroid problems or other health conditions. However, in most cases it’s a matter of watching what you eat and exercising on a regular basis.

Being prone to becoming obese is also a factor. If your family gains weight easily, there is a good chance you may too. If this is the case, it’s extremely important that you maintain a low fat diet and exercise daily.

Stress can also lead to obesity. Many people gain weight when they suffer the loss of a loved one, or are undergoing a lot of stress in their lives. While stress is sometimes unavoidable, recognizing the signs may help you cope more easily, and make you consciously aware of the fact that you’re gaining weight, making it easier to do something about it before it’s too late.

Educating yourself on diet and proper exercise techniques can help a great deal in the fight to prevent obesity. If you’re starting to notice that your belt size is increasing, isn’t it time you did something about it?

Since fat accumulation around the waist area is often the first sign of a weight problem, as well as the fact that the risk of getting a disease from being overweight is greatly increased if you have a fat accumulation around the waist area, warning bells should chime in your head.

Obesity causes damage to your quality of life. Act now before it’s too late.