Obesity Causes

How does obesity occur? The reasons are complex. Despite popular opinion, morbid obesity is not purely the result of eating too much. According to recent studies, it has been found that cases of morbid obesity are often rooted in genetic causes. If this holds true in an individual’s case, then dieting and exercise will have limited effects on the problem.

There are many other causes as to why one becomes obese. Depression is one the leading causes for obesity. It might not seem like it but studies show that people who are depressed need to find something they can control in their life, since they can’t control the emotional outbursts of depression. Hence eating food which gives them a sense of control. They use food as their security blanket which leads to over eating causing in some cases obesity. Genetics play a part withers or not you’re prone to becoming obese.

Accepting that simple fact – that obesity causes problems – and bringing it to the forefront of your mind can go a long way in helping you overcome obesity and get back to a healthy weight. Your body will thank you by giving you new energy that the obese just don’t get.

Obesity causes problems, but obesity is a problem that can be overcome and solved. It’s not an easy solution, and it requires a lot of hard work, but obesity can be fought and won. The more you realize that obesity causes problems, the more likely you’re going to stick with your game plan to getting back to a healthy weight and more importantly staying there.

Adopting sedentary lifestyles and lack of proper exercise are also the main causes of obesity. Other factors are thyroid problems, heredity, too many toxins in the body, and psychological factors such as stress.

Dangers of obesity

People who are obese are more prone to developing diseases compared to those with normal weight. Health risks that are associated with obesity are high blood pressure, cancer, shorter life expectancy, diabetes, heart problems, stroke, sleep disorders, and liver diseases. All of these are due to the fact that obesity can put too much stress on the organs of our body.

The main cause of obesity is overeating. However, not many people know the causes of overeating. And, the answer to this question is stress. Many people today, especially young people, are now living a hectic and stressful lifestyle. Because they live this kind of life, they tend to eat comfort foods to get rid of stress.

Stress can make you feel hungry even though you just ate. Because of this reason, you will tend to eat more portions and fast food chains are serving food portions that are high in fat, sugar and salt 700 percent larger than what is recommended by dietitians and nutritionists.

Pickwickian syndrome

This syndrome is caused by many factors; obesity is one of the causes. Enlarged tonsils, acromegaly, myxoedema are all other causes. What happens in this syndrome? During sleep there is collapse of pharyngeal walls leading to respiratory obstruction, sometimes for well over a minute. O2 and CO2 disturb sleep and there is daytime somnolence. Personality changes, intellectual deterioration, headaches, enuresis are all presenting features. One of the important aspects of treatment is to lose weight.