Obesity Cause Factor: The Allergens That Cause Obesity

Have you felt hungrier when you had consumed things like a cake, ice cream, some fruit or cheese? Have you had any kind urge to food experience when you couldn’t satisfy such cravings except having the same food?

Incase you have a Yes as an answer to the above questions, and then you are probably fat now and have food allergy. This allergy could make one fat, and it has already a proven fact. Once you become fat it is very difficult to lose weight. Gaining weight also makes you lazy.

People who are allergic crave for the foods which they are allergic to and food sensitiveness is the main cause. Take notes of drug addicts which exhibit withdrawal symptoms. These people who are allergic to foods experience discomfort and they are unable to eat certain type of foods.

Obese people could attest inevitable power of their food allergy. Many people nowadays are eating allergenic foods continuously and get addicted. This is definitely not good for health. They are unaware that these eating habits and cravings for food have a psychological effect. It’s a must that these withdrawal symptoms must be halted.

Professional doctors who treat and diagnose allergies are accepting now the simultaneous phenomenon of allergy and addiction to both food and chemicals. These doctors are generally called ecologists (clinical). They believe that all the persistent health problems such as migraine, depression, fatigue and arthritis are caused by food allergies and chemicals. A large number of people living in the industrialized countries are also affected by allergies caused by food.

The similar kind of food could well cause dissimilar reactions to people. This genetic predisposition of every person is said to be the determining factor incase the concerned individual is vulnerable to such conditions.

When an individual has vasculitis or edema, blood vessels are the body organs that are targeted. Water retention or edema is a common condition among the individuals having food allergies and it is one of the major factors that encourage obesity. You could lose 10 or more pounds in a week if you quit having the food you’re allergic from. This is shall happen without the use if diuretic.

Fat people could lose weight even without undergoing any special plan. Sensitivities of food cause the body to keep hold of water and fats and your body wouldn’t hold any excess fat or water if you eliminate these foods. There weight reduction becomes easier. You could also seek help professionaly so that you could be provided a diet which is low in allergen. Most of the doctors believe that weight losing has nothing in relation to calories in a person’s diet.

Food sensitivity affects the brain’s limbic portion as it is the control center. All your memory functions, emotions, body temperature, sexuality, blood pressure, hunger, thirst, sleep and vegetative functions are being controlled by this limbic portion. There has been a conclusive study showing that the vital functions are affected by the food allergies.

According to the analysis by the neurophysiologic, allergenic foods could trigger opioid enkephalin in the brain. This Narcotic is produced by the body and narcotic will rise or increase as you consume allergenic foods frequently.

Major allergen of food includes wheat, corn, eggs, diary products and coffee. Earlier, Doctors used to ignore food allergies as there was no specific drug which could be used to professionally treat such a condition. In today’s world doctors however rely on avoidance of allergenic foods and certain supplements