Obesity, Breaking The Habit

We are creatures of habit, that much is known. We do not create habit out of sheer laziness only, but mostly to be efficient. Neverheless, as in all things in life, even good things can turn on us. When it comes to our eating habits, adopting unproductive habit can be as dramatic as leading to obesity.

Were it not that I had to learn this from personal experience, I never would have known. Creating habit is a question of setting ones' mind to it for a period of 21 days. It works like a charm. A good example is childrens' bedtime. If you want your child to go to sleep at a certain hour, make a ritual of putting the child to rest at the same hour every day for 21 days. On day 22, skip half an hour. Chances are that you will find your child fast sleep where you last left him or her.

When it comes to breaking through cycles of unproductive eating habit, the same applies. If you want to lower your food intake, and believe me, this really helps when you want to lose excess weight, set your mind to keeping it up eating less for 21 days. But when it comes to habit, you have to understand that it has a life of its own, it is "up to speed" so to speak.

This could be compared to inertia. (Try to push your car into motion without the engine; you will have to give it a mighty heave to get it to roll ever so slowly, but once motion has set in, it becomes easier).
So the trick is in understanding that if you want to diminish your food consumption without suffering from it too much, you have to go about it gradually.

Start by eating 10% less and keeping this up for 21 days. Then cut another 10% and keep it up for 21 days. Do not worry, the scale will show results even though not as quickly as you would expect. But the pounds you lose in this way stay away, they do not come back! In the beginning, your weight will stabilize, you will stop gaining weight. That too is a very good result. By the time you start the third cycle and take another 10% off your overall food consumption, your weight will start going down faster.

It may very well be that you will have to go through a number of cycles before regaining your ideal weight, that is normal. But if you want to speed things up, you could consider combining taking up exercise while breaking the high food intake habit. Not only will it speed up the weight loss, it will improve your overall health.