Obesity and War Against Your Favorite Foods


Do you notice excess weight around your mid-section? If you are someone that has noticed certain changes in your body and want to do something about it, you are definitely not alone.

Through the past decade obesity has spread more rapidly throughout the world each day. America is one of the leading countries in the world that has the highest percentage rate of over-weight consumers. At least 64% are adults and 26% are children and the ages keep getting young. The numbers of people who are obese keep increasing exponentially.

Obesity is considered a disease due to the rapid increase of people affected. Being over-weight is not just changes in physical appearance but often lead to many health issues such as: heart disease, stroke, depression, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, difficulties in breathing, stiffness or pain in joints, and various types of cancer.

For most individuals fat consumed in foods will accumulate in different regions of the body. However, when most of the fat accumulates mainly to the mid-section there are greater risks of health issues. The reason being is because this is where your organs are and fat will accumulate around your organs. Your organs need room to function properly, and if too too fat builds up it can cause your organs to malfunction and block the nutrients from reaching its destination and blood will not circulate properly.

Another effect of obesity is the way our skin looks. If you suffer from acne than most likely you are eating greasy fried foods which can sometimes make your skin especially on the face itchier as well. Another skin condition associated with weight gain is the infamous Stretch marks, which in some cases can occur during pubescent years when we are developing and growing in height.

Asthmatics will often times think just because they have trouble breathing, means they should not exercise. But that's not necessarily true, doing exercises such as cardiovascular exercises can actually stimulate the lungs, which actually help take in greater amounts of oxygen and trains the lungs.

Low self-esteem is usually associated with obesity. Most of us are unsatisfied with the way we look not mention our bodies and become lost in self-pity. When we hear of dieting we often associate the term with always being hungry, which makes us turned off from the idea of ​​dieting. Our bodies when hungry automatically go into survival mode, which makes our first instincts to eat more without even thinking about what we are actually eating. But do not you think you owe it to yourself and children to not only get in shape but to be healthier?

It may be frustrating to imagine life without your favorite foods and to get away from your comfort zone, but believe it or not there are diet plans that allow you to still eat your favorite foods and lose weight such as the famous Food Lovers Fat Loss system . With such a high rate of people who are overweight there are also a phenomenal amount of diet plans in the media. You may have seen commercials on television that help you lose weight by preparing nutritious meals, but most of them can become very expensive. But now there is a way you can learn to eat your favorite foods and lose weight in the comfort of your own home.

There are also various ads for dietary supplements that guarantee results. But the chemicals used can actually harm the body by ingesting dangerous substances. However, there are also companies who focus on producing dietary supplements with all natural, organic ingredients.

With so many choices today choosing just one method that will work for you and your budget can be rather difficult. But by simply doing your own research on effective methods and products or by consulting in your physician you will be able to lose the weight the way you want to. Keeping a journal is a great way to begin your reign. You can write down all of the foods you consume or schedule an exercise plan that fits in your routine. A journal helps keep you organized and focused on taking charge. So start taking control of your life again. You will have so much more confidence knowing that you did. The start to success begins with you.