Obesity and Self Esteem

Why does obesity exist (when not caused by medical problems)? This question has been asked by many in the medical and psychiatric profession worldwide.

The reason obesity exists is in all honesty very simple. If it is not caused by a medical condition, it is because folk have eating disorders such as eating too much, not eating enough, eating in an unhealthy fashion, bingeing or stuffing themselves. Comfort eating, eating high-calorie foods, eating too much fast food – there is an abundance of cheap food available. Then there is the mind of the person. The mind is a great controller of an individual’s emotions and how they see themselves, and it can create low self-esteem.

The advancement of technology has produced televisions, game consoles and the computer. These all entail sitting positions, so if the person works in an office he or she is sitting down, and when they get home they are sitting down. What exercise did they get during the day? Just to walk to the toilet or the canteen at break time. Oh they ate where? Ah yes, in a fast food outlet. No wonder there is an obesity epidemic. The world community is geared up to be obese, and it all began in the 40s. Since then mankind has poisoned the ground, the rivers, the lakes, the sky, the very air we breathe.

Each piece of food we eat has come into contact with some kind of food enhancer or preservative, and none of this is good for the human body. When you’re sitting in the comfort of your home watching all these adverts for food from all the high street fast food chains try to remember they have known of this poisoning since the 40s and they did not tell you. Their food is truly poison to your insides. Just look at the rise in cancer. When did it begin to become so prevalent? Yes in the late 40s, and now one in three people will experience some form of cancer in their life due to the neglect of governments who should have been looking after their people’s welfare.

It is time to sort out this childhood and adult obesity problem, and begin a program of education for parents, schools and any organization dealing with obesity. There is no time to lose. It is very important to note that the loss to production caused by obesity last year worldwide was $300 billion. Add to that the cost of health services, and the figure is a mind boggling $575 billion.

It is time to avoid all processed foods as they are too high in calories and preservatives. Do not allow your children to eat in any fast food outlet.

Take responsibility for your children’s health and take the same responsibility for your own health; lead by example. I believe that the majority of obese people can be helped to lead healthy lifestyles by proper diet plans and an exercise routine which begins easily and gets more effective as time goes by. It is very true to say that if you’re obese there is only one way to stay healthy and that’s to have a mind-changing attitude, and if you have a God in your life then use that God to assist you. Also, it is a fact that once you have become obese, fat or overweight, you need a daily program of healthy living to keep off the weight, and if you relax on your program the weight will go back on. So be aware of this and don’t let it happen to you. You’re worth more. Be good to yourself and help yourself to gain a healthier lifestyle, starting now.