Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Obesity and overweight conditions affect the way insulin work in your body. Extra fat tissue can create body resistance to insulin. The Insulin resistance is a condition that increases the chances of contacting diabetes and heart diseases. It is also known as
pre-diabetes stage.

After eating, food is broken down into glucose (Sugar), which is the main source of energy for body's cells. But, cells can not use glucose directly without the help of insulin, a hormone produced by pancreas. If the insulin is insufficient or the body is incapable to use the insulin to absorb the sugar into the cells, the excess glucose builds up and goes above the permitted level in the blood stream. This is a pre-diabetic condition, which leads to diabetes in due course of time.

One of the major causes of insulin resistance is being overweight or obese, where the excess fat effectively reduces the capacity to use the insulin for the cells to convert glucose into energy. This leads to lack of energy and lack of exercise which becomes a vicious circle to aggravate the insulin resistant conditions further.

It is observed that in major cases, high blood glucose is linked with obesity and excess weight around waist, causing high LDL cholesterol levels, low HDL cholesterol levels and high triglycerides. The result is high blood pressure which puts the heart at risk. This is termed as insulin resistance syndrome. In this condition, both excess sugar as well as insulin will be present in the blood stream, simultaniously.

Dark patches under the arm-pits, back of the neck or elbows indicate insulin resistant condition.

The effective way to combat with this condition is to 1. Reduce weight and 2. Exercise to increase the effect of insulin to be used by the body cells.

You will observe that the prime generating source for most of the
health related complications is obesity and overweight. Utmost care should be given for weight management and regular exercise.