Obesity and Diabetes

Without I have compelling reasons, there are two places where I would not like to visit; 1. Police Station 2. Hospital. If you need renouncement in life, one visit to the hospital is good enough. The frustrating aspect is that we have to spend for this experience! Even that, has now reached a stage that unless you are insured medically, the expenses for the treatment is unimaginably high. The only possible way is to prevent diseases with a disciplined dietary habits and physical exercises. Diabetes is one of the killer diseases, that once it creeps into the system, the other ailments are free to follow. With the sedentary life style, food habits and work stress, the percentage of patients suffering from diabetes has reached an alarming stage. What are the possibilities to prevent / control this epidemic disease? Before that, let us know what is Type-2 diabetes.

Type-2 diabetes happens when enough insulin is not produced by our pancreas or it is not used effectively by the system. The food we eat produce sugar, which is absorbed into the cells, with the help of insulin to give us energy. When the sugar does not get absorbed into the cells, it remains in the blood and causes blood sugar.

Generally, the following aspects lead to type-2 diabetes and its inherent complications.

1. Age above 40 years

2. Obesity and overweight

3. Any one of the parents (or both) suffering from diabetes.

Following are the complications arising out of diabetes.

1. Blood vessels: Higher levels of glucose damage the blood vessels.

2. Heart: Diabetes affects by increasing the amount of fat and homocystenine in blood.

3. Kidney: Due to increased glucose levels, kidneys are stressed to perform extra work and this affects small blood vessels and their capacity to filter. Over a period time, this leads to kidney failure.

4. Eyes: Diabetes affects blood vessels of eyes, damage the blood vessels and causes eye problems like damage to retina, cause cataract or total blindness.

5. Foot: Damage to blood vessels reduce blood flow to the feet and increases risk of developing foot ulcers and infection. Sometimes, amputation of the affected limb becomes inevitable.

6. Nerves: High level of glucose for a long time damages nerves. decreases sensation, causes numbness and a tingling sensation. Causes dizziness.
Diabetes is a lifelong problem. It is, therefore, better to control the disease and avoid the above said complications.

Following are the general methods to keep diabetes under check.

1. Change the dietary habits to reduce intake of sugar and increase the intake of fiber and vitamins.

2. Enough physical exercise which must include fast walking, at-least for 45 minutes.

3. Keep emotions under check and avoid mental tension and worries to the maximum extent possible.

4. Divide the intake of food into smaller portions at regular intervals.

5. Avoid intake of excess salt, which increases blood pressure and aggravates the problems of diabetes.

6. Intake of food containing magnesium help in production of natural insulin.

7. Juice of bitter melon (4 or 5 fruits) taken in empty stomach, helps in reducing blood sugar to a great extent.

Other nutrients are Zinc, B-Complex vitamins. Vitamin C is good in controlling diabetes.

8. Intake of powdered fenugreek along with milk will help.

9. Spinach and cereal fiber also help in fighting this dreadful disease.

Obesity is a major cause for Diabetes. Obesity causes resistance to insulin and complicates the existing problems. It is, therefore, essential to keep the body weight under check by following dietary plans and proper exercise.