Obesity: a Sickness for the Rich


Obesity is a type of malnutrition that involves excess intake of food nutrients in relation to the normal requirement needed by the human body for optimal growth and performance.

Obesity is a sickness that is mostly associated with the rich people in the society. One develops obesity when he consumes more energy than he can use in his daily activity. Although obesity is believed to be a sickness for the rich, it can also be a disease for the poor.

Aside taking of excess food, Obesity can still occur when one lives a sedentary life. A sedentary is a life that is characterized by reduced physical activity. This type of sickness is what people like me who work daily on a personal computer suffers if they don’t take time.

People living in developed countries are likely to be vulnerable to this type of sickness since they mostly have a sedentary work, They use machines to perform their daily routine activity and always move around by car.

What puzzles me most is that I still see thin people who eat a lot of food, with little or no exercise and they are still thin. On the other side of the coin, I still see people who eat little or no food with much exercise and they are still obsessed.

Which ever is the case, try and take your nutrient requirements very serious