Obesity – A Major Cause of Health Problems

Obesity is a condition that is spreading at fast pace. It can lead to many other health related conditions, which can be debilitating. It can be said that there are myriad of health problems associated with obesity. The researches show that there are large numbers of health problems associated with over weight condition.

Experts say that it is must for every individual, who is over weight by 20%, to lose some weight in order to live healthy. If they do not, they are at high risk of falling victim to any of the below mentioned diseases.

Some common health problems

  • High blood pressure- there are large numbers of health problems associated with this condition. It can lead to stroke or any other major issue, which can be harmful for your body.
  • Stroke or heat disease- it is a deadly disease, which can lead to heart attack or any other cardio vascular problem.
  • Diabetes- it is one of the major health problems, which has brought much harms to individuals but it can be regulated with the precautions and maintained diet.
  • Osteoarthritis – it restrict a person's movement . It is a condition in which one has to bear prolonged pain in his joints and body appendages.
  • Blood clot – many obese people commonly face this problem. The blood clot can occur due to various reasons and can gradually spread in the entire body.
  • Gall bladder diseases- it can cause problem of kidney stone or gall bladder stone. These are the painful problems, which can engender some other health problems.
  • Breathing issues- sleep apnoea is one of the diseases under this heading. A person suffering form this disease stops breathing for a short period while sleeping.
  • Cancer – there are different forms of cancers and obese people are more likely to develop them as compared to a healthy individual.

Apart from it, there are many more diseases, related to obesity. Your obese body is more susceptible to health risks. It does not mean that you need to look for different measures to deal with disease; you have faced, but instead need to deal with your body and its weight.

Though everybody knows that exercise has its own advantages and healing remedies, but these obese people are less energetic to follow it in their daily schedule. This is what you need to work at! Yes, you need to work at your daily schedule to find time and strict adoption of the rule of walking and exercising in order to stay away from these problems.

Health workers believe that many of these diseases can be avoided with mere working. Cholesterol level can be reduced. Risk of heart disease and stroke can be decreased. High blood pressure can be lowered and same is the case with many other health problems. Hence, walking and exercise need to be the part and parcel of our daily life. Adopt this golden rule in our life and resist against obesity, the cause of myriad of diseases n your life.