Obesity – A Growing Problem For Britain's Population

Today we are leading longer lives but not healthier ones. Thanks to the invention of new technologies many people have given up heavy labor for sitting labor and as a result gained weight. It's an ever increasing problem that does not seem to have an end in sight. However, if a solution is not found soon there are serious ramifications in the future of Britain and its people.

The problem is becoming so large that doctors and other health experts are beginning to fear that the population of Britain will over take the USA in the percentage of obese people. They also fear that this issue with obesity will cause ever increasing numbers of deaths cased by obesity related, strokes, cancers and heart attacks.

Other health concerns are the reduction of life expectations by between eight and nine years and obesity related illness if the Britain keeps heading down the road to obesity will have a huge impact on things like medical supplements and insurance costs. The before mentioned health concerns are starting to pose a serious threat to the health of individuals in Britain.

The past few decades have led to these changes in the over all health of British people . Fifty or even forty years ago there were few fast food chains, most people walked or rode bikes rather than drove. They were considered more active than today because of this there was less instances of obesity compared to today.

There were fewer advertisements on TV, less programming that caused people to want to sit down legally right after work and not get up again until bed or spend their own weekends watching TV.

Another one of the issues which has led to a greater rate of obese people is the advent of highly processed and pre-made foods. TV dinners, fast food, fried food combined with a lack of exercise and the number of jobs that are increasingly less active have also been causes which have led to the increase obesity rate of British citizens .

The growing problem of obesity in Britain caused by the increase in advertising, programs on TV, lack of exercise and fast or processed food has given rise to the ever increasing concerns of Britain's health experts.

It is becoming increasingly more urgent that something be done about this growing problem. The ramifications are quite disturbing, Diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attack is all illnesses that contain risk factors that increase along with obesity. The best thing to do to prevent a rise in these factors is to increase awareness of the problem and get people active in the prevention and treatment of obesity .