Obesity – A Global Menace

I had the opportunity to attend one or two health forums last year. Besides I am a regular viewer of several discussions on television on health matters. The number one question in all those forums for the Doctors to answer was, ‘how to reduce my body weight’! About 50% of questions asked were regarding body weight reduction. Some questioners even went to the extend to ask ‘how can I reduce my weight 20-30 kilos within a month!

This is not a matter of a small city in India.  Obesity  has grown out to be a global concern. As per a Study Report released by WHO in 2007, about 1.6 billion people all over the world carries the extra luggage of flesh. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has estimated that almost 300,000 Americans die every year due to  obesity  related diseases. In developing countries like India also, in the urban areas obese population increase alarmingly.

Causes of  obesity 

1. Acquired through ancestral stalk… A small percentage of obese persons belong to this category. As it is transmitted through genes we have little or no control over such transmitted  obesity .

2.  Obesity  caused by hormonal imbalances… This has also genetic connection, but can be treated therapeutically.

3. Environmental pollutants… Some chemicals that enter into our body impairs the metabolism of fats thus leading to  obesity .

4.  Obesity  caused by bad food habits and lack of exercise…. Majority of  obesity  cases fall under this category. Consumption of fast foods, fried items, canned foods, meat items etc. and lack of exercise in our modern life style results in the proliferation of the disease.

Effects of  obesity 

 Obesity  by itself is a disease. It paves way for other serious illnesses like heart disease, stroke, hypertension, Diabetes,colon cancer, breast cancer besides psychic complaints like depression. Some researchers of Queens University, Canada opine that big Waist Circumference ( WC) added with  obesity  may cause grave problems.

How it can be treated

Allopathy Doctors are prescribing some medicines for  obesity . But such medicines may create hormonal imbalances that is very hamfull to the body. In our place one Physician was giving some hormone medicines to skinny persons for making them fatty and people hanged up in front of his clinic for buying the medicine. After taking the medicine for one month all of them started developing lumbs on their body. They started to develop some other serious health problems also. After several course of treatment by specialized doctors some of them just came to life. The others are still living cursing their fate.

Several Ayurvedic Medical Companies have also come into the field claiming that they have developed a wonder medicine that sucks out your fat within one month. These are all false propaganda for cheating the people.


You may control your food and go to gymnaciums and do’ work out’. This is a bit more effective. But you will have to pay heavy fees for going to gyms. More over while doing work-outs naturally you will have a tendency to eat more. After two months you will give it up and will become more fatty. Over and above only young people can go to gyms. Aged and children cannot go to gyms.

Yoga and  obesity 

Yoga is the only permanent cure for  obesity . It suits to all people. You should not pay a single penny out of your pocket. You can do yoga at all seasons. Only thing needed is a thick sheet and a well aerated room in your house. But before starting yoga one has to strictly control food habits. Avoid all non-veg items, fried and canned foods. Do not stop yoga after doing one or two months. Do it for half an hour daily and make it a part of your life. After doing regularly for two months your fatty deposit gradually dissolves. The overall shape of the body improves and the total personality increases.