Obesity – A Condition

Two out of every five persons in the present day, suffer from this condition called obesity. Earlier, the term obesity was not very well known to many people. People were simply said to be ‘overweight’ or ‘fat’. There can be different reasons for this. However, when the symptoms are more pronounced in individuals or easily triggered, it is called a ‘condition’. Obesity is a condition or even a ‘disease’ when the fat levels in the body have exceeded a certain level to affect the person’s health and physiological conditions. Obese people are at a high risk of various health problems like heart diseases, diabetes and related problems.

This is a global threat, with different causes – heredity, body composition and lifestyle being the prime culprits. This condition does not arise at or after a specific age. Even children are affected by this condition. There are many children especially in global countries suffering from obesity at a tender age of four or five years. These can be cases of heredity, where one or more of the maternal or paternal family members had this condition.

Body composition can be another reason for obesity. Some people have the body dynamics such that, there is a tendency to bloat after consumption of food or drinks. Such people face issues in reducing the weight, as their body composition is such that, it bloats after intake and hence it cannot be reversed.

Lifestyle is a major contributor to the condition of obesity. Fast paced lives, hectic work schedules, fast food joints, etc are indicators of a lifestyle that is tending towards the downside. These parameters affect the kind of food – quality, hygiene and nutrition of food that is being consumed. Due to work schedules, chances are that you are forced to skip meals – more than once in a day. This can directly affect your metabolism and cause health problems. This pattern multiplied by the number of days and months can eventually lead to the condition of obesity. Apart from the food intake, habits of smoking, drinking and drugs can also lead to this condition. It depends on the body composition, the routine and the nature of material and the frequency of habits.


For cases of heredity and body composition – the advice would be to consult a nutritionist or a doctor who can analyze and understand your system and then suggest you a remedy – either medicinal or physical routine or other supplements. For lifestyle – the remedy is in your control. Control your habits or see your health deteriorate.