Oath of a Medical Doctor

The original oath of a medical doctor is also called to be a Hippocratic Oath. It is believed to be written by Hippocrates, the father of medicine during the fourth century BC. Even today, this oath was still considered as a rite of passage for practitioners to enter the medical world. As our world evolves, several version of this oath was created. The classical version was introduced, and modern versions and alternatives are also made. In spite of all the changes, the main content or the idea that doctor should fulfill their responsibility to promote human health was maintained. Some other medical practices that are contrary to public morals and conducts such as abortion and euthanasia are forbidden.

The oath of a medical doctor was now modified with modern relevance that brought out 6 major changes on its content. The first one is “to teach to the sons of my teacher”, in the classical oath, it is stated as medical schools would give preferential consideration to the children of physicians. This is included due to the realization of greater potentials of doctor descendants. They are more exposed to the medical world and they got someone to guide them living the medical profession. The second change that was made is the inclusion of the phrase “to practice and prescribe to be the best of my ability for the good of my patients and to try to avoid harming them”. This is one among the most important part of the oath because it states the very purpose of medical practitioners. Their mission is to do their best to improve human health and avoid harm. The third and fourth phrases that were included are the “never to avoid deliberate harm to anyone for anyone else’s interest and to avoid violating morals of the community. These phrases regulate the practitioner’s conduct of service. They should conduct their profession only with good and humanitarian intent. The fifth phrase is “to avoid to do things that other specialist can do better.” This phrase is also created for the intent of regulating the practice of profession. It means every practitioner should only practice his profession to the extent that he knows he could do. The last phrase that completes the oath is “to keep the good of the patient as the highest priority. This is also another reminded of his very goal on this earth, to practice medicine on his best capacity.

Nowadays, that medical malpractices are recurring from day to day, a reminder of this oath should be made to everyone on the medical industry. It is very important for them to realize the real essence of the oath of a medical doctor so that they can efficiently do what are expected from them.