Not all Medication Can Have a Good Result

As a whole, medication can be a good thing. It can cure ailments in the body. It can relieve cold symptoms. It can even reverse damage done to the body. In the case of man boobs however, medication can be at the root cause of the condition. One of the reasons for the development of man boobs is an excess of estrogen in the male body. Certain medications, prescription and recreational, have a tendency to emit high doses of estrogen into the male body and do more harm than good.

Man Boobs or moobs as it is sometimes called, are fat deposits that build up in the pectoral and chest areas of a man. This common condition does not damage physical health. The only real damage as a result of man boobs is to the man's ego. Self esteem virtually plummets when the presence of man boobs presents itself. There are not too many women who find breasts on a man to be attractive. As a result, the man's relationship life is fairly non-existent.

The most common age group to be affected by man boobs is males between the ages of 40to 50 years old. Although it is a fairly common condition among teenage boys, the onset of man boobs disappears once puberty is finished.


Prescription medication is given by a medical professional and dosed out by a pharmacist. Although a common condition, man boobs is an extremely embarrassing issue for many men to talk about with family and friends, let alone a medical professional. Chances are if there was no physical examination performed, the medical professional did not come across the man boob situation. Therefore, many prescribe medication that ends up directly counteracting the effects of a man boob condition.

Some of the more common ones prescribed are corticosteroids, ulcer medications, anti cancer medicines and antidepressants. This list is predominately to treat a separate medical condition other than man boobs. Given that a man is not likely to willingly mention the presence of this condition, a medical professional has virtually no way of knowing the toxic mix being prescribed.

There is a variety of prescription medication that directly promotes glandular breast growth in men. Cimetidine, Omeprazole, and Spironolactone are medications that can be found on this list. Each of the prescription medications listed here treat a variety of underlying medical conditions. The one commonality among them is the ability to alter hormonal levels in the male body. Two hormones at the top of this list are testosterone and estrogen.

When testosterone is found in the male body, it is business as usual. On the other hand, when estrogen is present, it can trick the body into processing as if it were a female body. This is how breast tissue develops and man boobs are present. The good news is that many prescription medications can be counteracted with non-hormone changing medications.


Every man can recall the first time he saw or heard an anti-drug campaign advertisement. It may have been on the side of a bus, from the school counselor or on a television commercial between his favorite television shows. Despite these warning, there will come a time in his life when he will consider giving recreational drugs a try. Outside of the presence of man boobs, this is just looked upon as a part of the growth process.

When man boobs figure into the equation, things change a little bit. Marijuana in particular is not a friendly addition to man boobs. The main active ingredient of marijuana is TCH. This is a direct testosterone suppressant. A body depletes itself of any available testosterone and finds estrogen in its place. With a hormonal balance raging inside, it is like a ticking time bomb. It is only a matter of time before man boobs present in even the smallest size.

Along with marijuana, there are a few other recreational drugs that men should avoid at all costs. The next one is heroin. This is perhaps the most widely used recreational drug making the rounds. Heroin works in much the same way as marijuana. The drug depletes a man's body of testosterone. With this absence, estrogen begins production and thus man boobs are born.


Make no mistake, man boobs will not sprout on a man's chest from one try of a recreational drug. Still that is not a reason to run out and find the next available drug dealer. Recreational drugs need to consume a significant portion of a man's life in order to factor into the man boob equation.