Non-Invasive Skin Care Treatment Options


Most of our age is reflected by our skin via changes in its texture and brightness. Unfortunately, age is first seen on the skin than on any other part of our body. Our skin begins its aging process in our twenties. The ability of our skin to retain water reduces and oxygen levels also reduce. This is the main reason why the skin starts looking dull and the natural glow reduces. The skin also starts producing less and less collagen. Due to this, fine lines begin to appear on the surface. Here, early thirties is a good time to start skin care treatments if you notice any of the symptoms. Non invasive skin care is the first step to rejuvenate your skin and save it from the effects of aging.

Preventive skin care should be started early. At the age of forty, generally the skin care treatments are corrective. There are various methods to rejuvenate the skin and help prevent future damage too. Well, at the age of fifty, the fine lines could get converted to folds too. So, skin care is essential to keep your skin 'healthy'.

Well, age is not the only factor that causes skin problems. Lifestyles and nutrition are the other main contributors. Other factors that affect your skin are the kind of sun protection you use, daily stress as well as genetic composition.

Overall, the sooner we start taking care of our skin, the better. Here are a few treatments for skin care that are non-invasive:

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Apart from sun induced darkening, there are various other reasons for skin pigmentation. There are treatments available for speedy results. Some of these treatments are Fruit peels, laser toning, skin polishing, oxy facial, laser hair reduction and more.

Scar Revisions

Chemical protection of deeper scars is done with fractional lasers etc. Chemically treating scars can greatly improve the overall look of the skin. With needles are used to prick the skin and collagen is induced. Lasers are used to treat scars fill scars with appropriate collagen induction.


Treatments for acne include acne peels, blue light, mole removal and tattoo removal treatments. Blue light is a very popular treatment for acne. It is an LED light that is used to treat sensitive skin and is considered as the safest treatment.

Anti Aging

Fruit peels made of various natural extracts are used for this purpose. Non-surgical facelifts are done with the help of radio frequency and ultrasound. The other techniques used are laser toning and photo – rejuvenation.

Therapeutic Facials

Scientifically designed skin rejuvenation regimes include oxy facial, oxy jet peel and pumpkin facial. All these are used to exfoliate the skin and to hydrate it to give an instant glow.

Overall, non invasive skin treatments are used to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the face and give it a radiant glow regardless of age! So, do not let your skin suffer the wear and tear of time. Give it proper care regularly. Take preventive measures rather than corrective treatments. Take care of your skin!