Non Addictive Sleep Aid – Natural Insomnia Remedy to Help You Sleep Great at Night

What are the best non addictive sleep aids that can help you fall sleep and rest easy? It seems that every variation of over the counter and prescription sleep aids contain heavy sedatives that can be habit forming. These sedatives are also what will cause you to wake up feeling almost like you had been drinking all night. Not satisfied, and not productive. Does a safe, natural insomnia remedy really exist?

So what are the alternatives? Are there any safe, non addictive sleep aids on the market today? The answer, quite simply, is "absolutely." Let me explain.

Too facilitate sleep, your body produces a hormone called melatonin. When this melatonin is secreted, it causes drowsiness and encourages sleep. Many people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep problems are not producing enough melatonin to get their body to shut down. There are many reasons for this condition. The more common reasons are artificial light (such as a television), stress and anxiety, and even high blood pressure.

There is a solution. There have been many wonderful breakthroughs regarding melatonin production, and you can now find natural melatonin supplements available in capsule form. These pills are by far the safest and most natural remedies for sleeplessness available. And because they are all natural, there are no addictive substances involved.

Taking these before bedtime will increase melatonin production and add other herbs that promote relaxation and stress relief. This all leads to a restful night, and you will wake up without having that feeling of a hangover as well. This natural remedy for insomnia is truly a great option for anyone suffering from sleepless nights.