Noises in My Ear – What Does This Mean?

If you keep saying to yourself “what are these noises in my ear”, your not alone. Nearly 36 million have these same similarities in there ear, and the number of sufferers are increasingly growing. There are a reported 7 million people that have this so severe, that it affects their way of life.

Having these noises in your ear can most commonly be identified as tinnitus. Often times these noises can be joined with a buzzing, whooshing, high pitched, or steady humming sounds in your ears. This can develop at any age, whether it being young or old, it posts different levels of affects in each individual person.

Often times the ringing that people experience is left unattended, because of the fact that it is thought to be normal. Almost on the lines of what quiet should sound like. While this is not true, these sounds should be examined by an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor to determine what level of tinnitus you have, and also what type. The two types being objective tinnitus and subjective tinnitus.

The cause of tinnitus ranges differently in each individual person. There are many causes, but the most common is and could possibly be head trauma, fluid in the middle ear “not to be confused with an ear infection”, and probably the most common cause is loud noise. Tinnitus itself is not classified as a disease, nor is it hereditary in any way. It is something that is gained through ones lifestyle or occupation.

By learning, and trying to pinpoint where the tinnitus stems from, only then can that cause be eliminated to reduce the affects that these sounds have on you. It could also be a result of drinking to much alcohol, to much caffeine, in-proper diet, or high levels of stress.

If your life is in confusion, and you find yourself in solitaire to try to hide from the noises, this is no way to live. By Joining groups, you might find someone that has had similar affects, and has learned to decrease the affects of tinnitus. Stop saying to yourself “what are these noises in my ear”, and learn how other people have eliminated their battle with tinnitus.