No More Herniated Spinal Disc! Learn How to Say Goodbye to Your Back Pain With Spinal Decompression

A Herniated Spinal Disc is such an extreme form of back pain that only a TV show sit-com, like “Friends” could make it funny.  When Joey had his hernia, he was in such great physical distress; the jokes about his situation were way funnier because of our sensitivity towards him.  Joey, of course, was not real. When we, or our loved ones are the ones experiencing the pain, laughter may lighten the situation, but it is not the right fix. Medical treament is the right cure.

What Is Herniated Spinal Disc And Its Treatment Options?

A Herniated Spinal Disc occurs when two vertebrae in the spine exert pressure on the cushiony disc that sets them apart. The effect is that the liquid center of the disc bulges out. It affects nerves and it causes a lot of pain, which can spread all the way to the other parts of the body. One might, as Dr. Luis Crespo MD says on the US Spine Care website, compare a herniated disc to the oozing jelly in a donut. But, I prefer to keep my appetite.

At the end of the day, (and before another night filled with back pains) a herniated back needs to be dealth with quickly because living with back pain should not be an option. It’s just unbearable! However, for some, the treatment measures seem just as awful.  The “S” word is especially frightening. Patients who go in for open back surgery take a long time to recover. So why not cure back pain with a soothing and much less painful treatment instead of a treatment that makes the pain worse before it gets better?

How Can Spinal Decompression Relieve Back Pain?

Spinal Decompression helps treat Cervical Herniated Discs in the neck and lower back area. In each treatment, the Spinal Decompression Machine pulls lightly on a very specific part of the spine, separating the two vertebrae that are putting too much pressure on the disc. This separation gives more space for the bulge to repair itself over time with every treatment.

I think it’s great news whenever fighting pain with more pain can be avoided. If a one shot surgery has a long and painful recovery period, using the same amount of time for a painless treatment might be a relieving option. Spinal Decompression has changed thousands of back pain woes, and those who suffer from back pain has a reason to smile again. Don’t be like Joey and tough it out. Instead, make treatment something more pleasant. Why not make it more desirable.