No More Dentures! Your Dentist Can Help You Grow New Teeth

Have you lost your teeth in an accident? Don’t worry! You can grow them again using ultrasound technology. It may take a hundred days approximately, but imagine new natural teeth growing in there instead of using artificial teeth or dentures!

Your dentist may soon start using the same ultrasound technology that was used by orthopedics to heal cracked or broken bones. The same technology when applied to teeth can help them grow.

Scientists are using nanotechnology, to design an ultrasound device smaller than your thumbnail that fits into your mouth. This chip is fitted onto your gums by your dentist, and automatically turns on inside your mouth to emit ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves gently give your gums a good massage. The device helps increase blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new tooth tissue.

You will have to visit your dentist daily after work for about three months. The dentist will not take more than 20 minutes, and the best part is that you will not feel any pain!

This technology also works for those who have lost more than one tooth. The dentist may use as many ultrasound chips as lost teeth, and there is a possibility that 9 out of 10 teeth can be successfully re-grown. These natural teeth remain firmly fixed to your gums unlike artificial ones that can get loose and even break.

Currently, this technology works only for broken teeth that have tooth root intact. Research is underway to find a solution for teeth with no tooth root remaining. Stem cells that are grown in the lab can be implanted in the gum socket to help new teeth grow.

This technology can be a boon for the dentist and especially for the orthodontist who has to carry out many operations to rectify jawbone defects.

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