New Nail Fungus Cure

A new nail fungus cure is always a welcome thing. Fungal nail infections, called onychomycosis, have probably been around as long as animals have had nails, claws and horns: a few species of fungi are well adapted to finding nutrients in these materials. Remedies for the problem have been around for a while too, but fungus in a nail is notoriously hard to treat, and remedies, whether they are folk cures or pharmaceuticals, tend to take a long time to work.

Home remedies for nail fungus abound – and so do debts about how well they work. Antifungal drugs are becoming more common but they come with a high price tag and valid concerns about safety: how much drug toxicity are we willing to tolerate to make a nail nail or finger nail look better? A new nail fungus cure that that is affordable, safe, and effective is sorely needed. That is why there is so much interest in a promising relatively product – tea tree nail treatment.

Tea tree nail treatment rests on tea tree oil, an essential oil derived from the tea tree of Australia, Melaleuca alternafolia. Scientific studies investigating the properties of tea tree oil are ingoing, and results already indicate that the plant has valuable antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. It's potential as a new nail fungus cure is already supported by anecdotal evidence, and it is being marketed for this application, sometimes as a pure oil, sometimes in combination with other essential oils.

This new nail fungus cure has other appealing features: research indicates that it is safe to use as a topical (it should not, however, be taken internally as its safety has not been established for that), and it is relatively inexpensive compared to prescription drugs. Tea tree nail treatment does not require a prescription or medical monitoring. The oil is readily available from sources for alternative medicine products and in some pharmacies.

It's still advisable, of course, to have a fungal nail infection properly diagnosed by a medical professional, who can also give professional advice about current treatment options. Self diagnosis can be incorrect, leading to appropriate treatment and prolonged medical problems.