New Hemorrhoid Treatment – The Most Effective Way to Eliminate Severe Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a medical condition affecting the anus and can distract you from engaging in normal activities. There are two types of hemorrhoids: external and internal. External hemorrhoids are blood vessels that swell on the skin surround the anal opening. On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids occur inside the anal canal. There are a lot of time-honored remedies to treat hemorrhoids. The most common include taking in a lot of dietary fiber and fluids. Hygiene is also another way to reduce inflammation and symptoms. The wonder astringent, witch hazel, also helps in the alleviation of hemorrhoids symptoms. Aside from these common remedies, scientist also came up with a new hemorrhoid treatment. One such treatment is Anuleaf AD.

Anuleaf AD was developed by Rebecca Gomez, who used to be a hemorrhoids sufferer. Anuleaf AD is a new treatment that is aimed to relieve sufferers of their symptoms. Anuleaf AD is also designed to aid in healing hemorrhoids. It comes in a unique form of treatment, as an adhesive, which relieves friction between the gluteus muscles and the inflamed anal area. This provides fast relief of itching and pain and heals hemorrhoids fast. This medication can be applied when the pain starts to help curb full-blown hemorrhoid attacks. Anuleaf AD can also be used post-surgery to help improve the outcome. Gomez asserts that by reducing irritation and friction, Anuleaf AD aims to be a revolutionary new hemorrhoid treatment.

There are also manual and surgical procedures to eliminate hemorrhoids. Non-surgical procedures (or fixative procedures) are intended to cut off blood supply to the hemorrhoid, letting it dry up and shrink. The remaining scar tissue helps support the anal tissue and helps prevent the development of more hemorrhoids. Tying hemorrhoids with a rubber ban or using lasers, heat, or electric current are examples of fixative procedures.

Hemorrhoidectomy, or the surgical removal of hemorrhoids, is used when several small hemorrhoids are present. It can also be used for large internal hemorrhoids and when other treatments have been unsuccessful in controlling the bleeding. A combination of a hemorrhoidectomy and a fixative procedure is a very effective way to get rid of hemorrhoids.

For some, natural treatments are the best way to cure hemorrhoids. However, the most stubborn of hemorrhoids cannot be treated with natural remedies alone and require a new hemorrhoid treatment. This will require the attention of a medical doctor. Most treatment are non-invasive so there’s no need to worry.