New Consciousness And The Law of Attraction With Personal Growth

If you are not where you want to be yet with your personal growth and attraction goals and are already using the best technologies and methods to get their, what could possibly be missing?

You may already be using affirmations, mind movies, meditation, hypnosis and subliminal audio as well as positive thinking and goal planning (with a whole lot of hard work) yet still not where you want to be with the law of attraction. If your thoughts and beliefs are everything and form your reality and you are already working on changing them, what else is missing?

Let’s briefly take a look at what levels of consciousness you are working with your beliefs on. Western traditional personal growth is very fond of the ‘conscious mind’. And this is often meant and referred to include your thoughts and beliefs, but they can also occur on deeper levels such as your subconsciousness. Technologies like binaural beats, hypnosis audio and subliminals help you to affect and even change your beliefs (or the intention to) on those deeper levels.

But if you are already trying and using hypnosis, subliminals, affirmations, visualization and positive thinking to affect yourself on both the conscious mind and subconscious levels, then why aren’t you there yet? Why do some of your thoughts obviously not manifest what you desire?

I mean is there some other level of consciousness that you have to work on or something that has just gone overlooked? Well, if we take a deeper look at your waking states of consciousness, you’ll find that it is more than the mere conscious mind (which is really kind of a generic term). When you are awake during the day, a more qualitative definition of your consciousness would be a little more insightful and could be called your holistic consciousness.

Your holistic consciousness is your mental, emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual consciousness (or subjective experience). You can feel, sense, know and experience reality on each of those levels of conscious energy. A lot of Western personal growth (when you look at it compared to spirituality) is really coming from more of an ego driven definition and valuation of self; thus, conscious mind is more closely related to the ego definition of self.

But you have consciousness on the mind, heart, body, sexiness and soul levels of self. Understanding that greater and holistic definition of waking consciousness (where your practical experience of life exists), you are then able to work on expanding and changing your beliefs on all levels of consciousness; emotionally, sexually, etc..

You may have heard the saying ‘when the heart and the mind are one it can move mountains’, but if you are closed off to your heart then it is simply another level of self that you may have to take into account to finally attract and manifest your personal growth goals and dreams.

Your mind or really ‘thought’ often isn’t enough power on its own. And that is no understatement because the Western definition of self is mind, body and soul leaving all of the power up to your mind for personal growth but you also have unlimited power with heart and sexual drive as well as aligning your soul to your purpose.

When it comes to audio meditation and consciousness reprogramming, if you do not have resources and tools that know how to affect each of the conscious areas of waking self, you may want to look into Powerliminals.

Powerliminals know how to engage each of your conscious energies to heal and effectively reprogram and help you become congruent with a higher level of power and reality to experience what you previously worked so hard to attain.