New Approach Shows Hope For Depression


Do you ever find yourself sad or unhappy and don’t know why? You’re not alone.

A recent study stated, that for every 100 women, nearly 37 prescriptions for anti-depressants are written yearly. Typically it takes ten weeks to be free of symptoms, but there is no end to taking the medication and many experience side-effects. The side-effects range from weight gain, to sex problems, to headaches and stomach aches. That’s not the worst of it; recent studies indicate that placebo sugar pills work almost as well the prescribed medications.

Why are you feeling sad? The answer may be as simple as a hormone called serotonin. Problems with the body’s serotonin system have been linked to depression as well as a host of other conditions including agitation, migraines, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. By “reprogramming” the message computed in the brain regarding serotonin, you can re-establish normal serotonin levels naturally — and regain a sense of wellness or happiness.

The serotonin treatment has its foundation in natural healing — where the body’s self-healing mechanism actually heals itself. The serotonin treatment takes 20 minutes. The patient is asked to avoid all medication and alcohol for 24 hours, and to return for a follow-up visit to ensure the treatment worked.

While it is true that depression is often caused by several factors, and the complexity of each individual can never be underestimated, I did a random sample of this natural holistic clearing approach to depression with twenty patients. Nineteen people responded positively within six sessions. After a one year follow-up, fifteen patients stated that their despondent symptoms had not returned.

Don’t allow life stresses and challenges to get you down. You can reach your goals. With the entrance of new approaches in the world of holistic medical healing there is an answer for people with sadness, grief and depression.