New Air Purifier Technology Promises Allergy & Asthma Relief


New Technology

(Tokyo) Some very cool new technology is coming from Japan – and if you have allergies or asthma it's really going to help to improve the air in your home 24/7.

Detecting Pollen And Dust Automatically

This new "sensor" technology has the ability to detect pollen and dust automatically, and when combined with a HEPA filter air purifier system it can remove allergens and allergy triggers before a person starts to sneeze. The US model we saw demonstrated, the Aliveair Machine, utilized HEPA, UV, Tio2, electrostatic and a total of 9 technologies in one. Released to the US market in January (2009) it also detects odors. ($ 299 on sale online)

Saves Electricity

One of the other benefits is the cost savings to air purifier systems as it adjusts the fan speed and technology used, saving electricity costs.

Saves Guesswork

We appreciated the fact that the air purifier could be left on 24/7, without having to guess when to have it on, or how to best save electricity. Most of the time it was so quiet that we did not notice it at all.

For Cat and Dog allergies

The demonstration we saw had a cat walks by the machine, and the unit went on high for 4 minutes, then quieted back down.

For Pollen allergies

Pollen was blown over the front of the unit, and again the machine adjusted accordingly for 5 minutes.

For Odors and Smells

The same thing for odors and smells. The only downside we heard was a person who enjoyed the smell of cooking.

You can watch a demonstration of this technology in action via the link provided below.