Never Walk With Pneumonia – Treat It

You definitely have heard of Pneumonia. Long ago, it killed a lot of people. Thanks to technology, though, you can now prevent and treat the illness. But what about Walking Pneumonia? Have you heard of it?

What is Walking Pneumonia? It is the common term used for the milder version of Pneumonia that usually does not end up in a disability. If you are suffering with the disease, you still can — walk. You don’t need to be hospitalized or bedridden. Almost about 2 million people in United States suffer from this disease every year out of which children between ages 5 to 16 are majority of sufferers (almost about 70-75%). Definitely, It is an illness for concern. Is Walking Pneumonia contagious? Yes, It is contagious. It can be contracted by anyone, children or adults. It spreads from a patient to a healthy person when a patient coughs, sneezes, laughs, or talks.

What are the symptoms of this dieasese? With children, it may start off like a common cold or flu and later gets worse with fever, or in some kids, also sore throat. The symptoms seem to get bad during the night and take about a month to recover. However, even after the major symptoms are gone and the patient feels that they are cured, some symptoms such as muscle pain, headache, and chest pain along with cough linger on for a while. Some people also feel dizzy and lose their appetite; others complain of diarrhea. Some cases also feel loss of consciousness and hence driving is not advisable at this stage.

NOTE: Coughs with mucus or blood and throwing up are symptoms of severe Walking Pneumonia. But, what about its cause?

Even a rash with mycoplasma can cause Walking Pneumonia. Though it is not a lethal sickness, timely and adequate treatment is a must to save yourself getting any worse. It does respond well to medications and immediate medical help should be sought as soon as the symptoms show up. Check your children and yourself if you are walking with pneumonia. Get medical advice, now!