Neuralta in Case of Tremor


A tremor is a symptom that may be present in otherwise healthy people, as well as in people with medical disorders. Tremor or shaking can be associated even with fatigue, stress, anxiety, or rage. A pair of very steady hands are a must for each and every one of us but especially for certain people who can’t afford to go wrong when their hands are at work.¬† Watching the shaking hands of a surgeon, a dentist, a physiotherapist, an electrician, machine operators in factories, a painter, a sculptor and why not, a clay-pigeon shooter, would certainly ring a bell. If the tremor is just slight or an occasional one, and not a constant one, NEURALTA of ALTA CARE Laboratoires, may help, as the following¬† recent studies have shown.

Oral application of elevated dosages of vitamin B1, B6 and B12 have been found to improve target shooting in marksmen, recruited from a local pentathlon association, in two different studies. Study 1 was performed in an open controlled design, whereas in study 2 the group treated with B-vitamins was compared in a double-blind fashion with a placebo control group including 8 by 8 volunteers and 10 by 9 volunteers, respectively. The volunteers were randomly assigned to the groups. Performance quality was followed in both studies over a period of 8 weeks, while participants were continuously supplied with a combination of vitamins B1, B6 and B12. In both studies, marksmen in the vitamin-treated groups showed statistically significant, considerably improved firing accuracy as measured by the number of points achieved within a series of 20 shots at each examination. In study 2 the degree of improvement was linearly dependent on the duration of vitamin treatment, whereas the placebo-treated group, similar to the untreated control group in study 1, did not show any prominent change.

Performance quality in marksmenship closely correlates with the magnitude of physiological tremor. Tremor can also be involved in the regulation quality of sensory-motor control systems. Thus, an improvement in firing accuracy as found in both studies is by the same token an improvement of fine motor control of slow movements, involving, for example, basal ganglia.

NEURALTA, another quality product form ALTA CARE Laboratoires, is a combination of the three essential neurotropic Vitamins (B1, B6 and B12) mentioned in this study.

The Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are important with regards to the metabolism of the peripheral and central nervous system. Their effect on the regeneration of nerves has been shown in various investigations using these Vitamins both individually and in combination.

VITAMIN B1 plays an important role in major metabolic processes.

VITAMIN B6 has an analgesic effect.

VITAMIN B12 ensures blood cell formation and prevents degenerative processes.

Both the individual function and the beneficial biochemical links between the 3 Vitamins justify their combination.

NEURALTA is made in France and is mainly indicated for the supportive treatment of neuritis and neuralgia (neuropathies) NEURALTA is a combination of Neurotropic vitamins B1, B6, & B12. These vitamins, in their role as co-enzymes, are indispensable factors in the metabolism of the nervous system.

NEURALTA normalizes the nerve cell metabolism.
NEURALTA supports the regeneration of nerve fibers and mylic sheath by activation of the metabolism and the natural repair mechanism.

NEURALTA has all the properties and qualities needed to improve the rate of one’s tremor as claimed by the above mentioned study.

NEURALTA of ALTA CARE Laboratoires, Paris, is available in tablet form, each box containing 80 tablets.

Dosage varies from 1 to 3 tablets a day or as prescribed by one’s doctor.

Dosage can be decreased when the pain, or tremor in this case, is no longer felt; but it is recommended that one continues having at least 1 tablet a day to decrease the frequency and the intensity of the pain in case of a relapse.