Neti Pots for Chronic Head Congestion? Neti Pots and Other Techniques Are Effective

Neti pots should be your first choice for chronic head congestion. There are other techniques which may relieve your congestion as well but the Neti Pot is quite effective.

First we talk about likely causes of head congestion and then provide a few techniques which have shown to aide in reducing it.

  • lack of sleep
  • lack of water
  • laying down too long
  • blocked sinuses
  • lack of exercise
  • food allergy
  • cold or flu or other acute illness

There are a number of ways to relieve a congested head:

  • Purchase a Neti Pot to assist in removing mucous.
  • Food: hot soups, spicey meals, hot broths
  • Fluid: hot teas and plenty of water
  • Hydrotherapy: using cold and how water to move blood about.
  • Air humidifier: add salt and eucalyptus oil to it.
  • Topical essential oils: vick’s vapor rub on your temples, sinuses and chest.
  • Avoid cold foods: limit dairy
  • Thid-Eye Point: acupressure relief


Make a steamy hot bowl of spiced broth. That will get your body core heated up and cause your nose to run. A running nose will allow your sinuses to drain which will ease off the pressure in your head.


Not drinking enough water will cause your mucous membranes to be less watery and more sticky. This causes backup and backup causes pressure. Pressure equals head congestion.

Drink tons.

Nasal Irrigation using a Neti Pot

This is paramount if you have chronic sinus infections – or even a one-time blocked sinus that is not draining. Just last week I was laying down in bed with a bounding headache, nauseated and not wanting to get up. I forced myself to do so. After taking 10 minutes to get vertical, I found that my right sinus was blocked. I prepared a neti pot with my salt and neti wash plus and flushed both sides of my nose for a few minutes. My sinuses began to drain like mad and the headache was …gone.

Hydrotherapy: Wet Sock Treatment

Sound goofy? It may but it is effective especially for kids with ear infections. It works by pulling blood away from your head to your feet. Blood is pulled as the temperature of the feet is low due to the cold damp socks. The body wants to maintain warmth to all tissues and if one area is made cold, the body will attempt to warm it. The contrast between hot to cold is the most desired effect so ensure that you warm the feet very well prior to placing the cold socks. This will help ensure a proper outcome.

  1. Find a pair of light cotton socks.
  2. Find a pair of heavy wool socks.
  3. Place the cotton socks in a bowl of ice water…or put in the freezer.
  4. Heat up feet in a bucket of hot water or just take a hot bath.
  5. Dry the feet
  6. Wring out the cold cotton socks.
  7. Immediately put the ice cold socks onto the feet and cover with the wool socks.
  8. Lay down for the night and go to sleep – or keep them on for the day while around the house.

I recommended this to a friend of mine with nightly migraine headaches. She did this prior to bed and her migraines did not appear.

It sounds like it will be a shock to the system but it is fine as the feet are hot. It actually feels nice.

Topical essential oils

These are wondrous yet can be problematic if not careful. They should not be in reach of children as they are deadly. Yes deadly. They are super concentrated oils and if swallowed or touched directly onto a little one’s skin, serious burns or other harms can be done. Keep in a locked cabinet or way up high.

Visit your favorite health store to figure out which ones you like the best. I am a fan of eucalyptus, rosemary and cedar. One must dilute the essential oil in a base of olive oil before applying.

Apply to your temples, on your maxillary and frontal sinsuses and you may want to put some between your upper lip and nose. Do not put in your nose directly as they will burn your mucous membranes. Keep away from your eyes also.

Limit dairy products

Dairy products and sugar are major mucous forming foods and will only increase head congestion. Limit the amount eaten during this time and you will likely recover faster.

Third Eye Acupressure Point

According to, this point will help: “Directly between the eyebrows, in the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the center of your forehead.” Simply place pressure at this point using the method shown to the right.

In health,