Nerve Damage and How Best to Treat it For Permanent Resolution

Generally you will know all about nerve damage. Have you ever slammed your fingers in a door? If you have, you know how painful that can be. Apart from the damage to the soft tissue, you’ve damaged the nerves.

Nerve damage is very much more painful than soft tissue damage. And the sensation of the pain is very different. Whereas the sensation related to soft tissue damage is usually an ache or a bruising, the sensation of injury to your nerves is sharp, shooting (away from the site of injury) or tingling. Numbness is characteristic of nerve damage, too.

Typical areas of the body rich in nerves are finger tips, toes, tongue, teeth, spine, head, eyes and genitals. Neuralgia, is a sharp pain often in spasms, caused by injury or inflammation. If you suffer from neuralgia and it happened after an injury, chances are you’ve damaged a nerve and the homeopathic remedy Hypericum is the remedy for you.

Since becoming a homeopath, I’ve become very aware of what injuries I do to myself and whether the treatment is successful or not, so I can write about it.

Take last night. Now it’s winter, with cold nights, I rug up my horse at night. For some reason, she likes to position herself very close to a tree at dinner time, when I rug her. Last night, as usual, I asked her to move away from the tree. As she moved, I moved with her. But she was in bounce back mode. And I wasn’t……

As she returned back, she stepped on my (luckily booted) toes. Not just stepped back, but lifted up her opposite hoof, so ensuring my toes took a full quarter of her weight. I’m not going to tell you how much weight that would be You probably you get the picture.

The pain came in immediately. Very sharp.

I hobbled to my bottle of Arnica – always the first remedy for any injury. It didn’t do much for the pain though, and I started to feel the constriction of the boot, at the toes started to swell, so took that off.

Toes are rich in nerves so I knew I had some nerve damage. So a couple of minutes later I took some Hypericum.

There was an almost immediate reaction; the pain started to recede With one booted foot and one thonged foot, I walked more or less normally back to finish off the rugging. My toes were a little pink, but nothing else developed. I took another dose of Hypericum, then walked the dogs as usual.

About 15 minutes after the event, my foot was virtually back to normal.

No pain.

No swelling.

No limping.

No bruising.

I had only a slight awareness of my toes against the shoes when I went out later that evening.

Needless to say, the following morning, my toes were totally normal.

Nerve damage can be as easy as that to treat successfully, as long as you can get to it immediately after the injury. If it occured some time ago, then the treatment will be much longer and you may need some help from a professional homeopath, before it goes altogether.