Negative Calorie Diet Review – Does it Work?

The name alone got our attention with this diet. The Negative Calorie Diet piqued our interest, as we were wondering how it could work. How does someone eat something that has “negative calories”?

We did some research and found out that while all foods have calories, some foods use more calories for digestion than they actually contain. Because of that, people are able to burn calories while they eat.

We went around the internet and realized a lot of people are trying this diet out. After our research was complete, we found out some important information about this diet that should help people decide if it is right for them.

First, it will make you lose weight. Most people were able to lose one to two pounds a day on this diet, which is very impressive. However, at the same time, you are only allowed to eat fruit and vegetables, so there were some complaints. Quite a few people were not ready for a diet that would not allow them to have any meat. Some people were irritable about the lack of choices, while others were bored with their food intake.

What we decided after reading different accounts is this is a good diet for someone who needs to get on track with weight loss. However, it is not meant as a long term solution. Eventually, some fat will need to be added into the diet. One cannot eat this way forever and stay healthy.

Those who are looking for a quick way to lose weight can probably benefit from this diet. It is important to keep in mind, though, that this is not meant to be a long term solution. It can be used as a way to jumpstart the metabolism and begin weight loss, but eventually protein will have to be introduced back into the diet.