Neem – a key for diabetes:

Diabetes, a universal disorder has been a menace from ancient days to until now. People often mistaken it as a disease, but it is not so, it’s a disorder which is due to internal malfunction of the metabolism. Diabetes mellitus, often called as Diabetes type I and Diabetes insipidus, which supposed to be Diabetes type II and Gestational Diabetes are the types of it. Diabetes mellitus is not so commonly occurring type of diabetes among people all over the world as it is genetically inherited disorder that was few in percentage.

(For information, Diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune response which means that the insulin secreting cells in the pancreas called the Beta cells, are destroyed by the immune system itself due to some antibodies, which are inherited genetically resulting in the increased production of glucose and ketones in the blood making the kidneys to function around the clock to remove this excess glucose out of the body and thus showing the symptom of frequent urination).

It is known that Neem has the properties of antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, additional to that Neem also has the anti-diabetic property. Researches have shown that Extracts of Neem can cure diabetes mellitus as they contain the antibiotic constituents which can oppose autoimmune response helping the Beta cells to produce insulin.

In the case of Diabetes insipidus (Type II diabetes) the insulin production is normal but the effect of insulin is minimal causing an inappropriate ratio of insulin and glucose in the blood stream. This leaves high glucose content in the blood making sure of diabetes. This type of diabetes is common among people as it is mainly due to the daily intake or diet of a person. Obese people are largely affected due to lack of action and unhealthy foods they take.

Neem has the solution for this type of diabetes too. It can reduce the insulin requirement by performing anti-hyperglycemic effects. Nimbidin, an anti-hyperglycemic constituent of Neem is responsible for that. Leaf extracts of Neem contain that compounds. It is advised that Neem leafs in the form or Oil or powder can be taken thrice a day for quicker results. It is said that Neem leaf extracts also helps in dilating the blood vessels which improve blood circulation.

Neem a Nature Doctor for diabetes:

It has been explained in detail about how neem can cure diabetes without insulin intake. Thus Neem provides a hope for those who suffer from this universal disorder to get relieve from it without insulin injections and intake of tasteless foods, which are generally prescribed for diabetic patients. “Lead a healthy life with Neem”.