Need to Target Your Lower Abdominal Area?

Swiss Ball Leg Lift ab workouts are great exercises which target the entire lower abdominal area. As with almost every exercise that uses the aid of the Swiss Ball, these ab workouts allow your lower midsection area to go through a far greater range of motion, which results in the activation of more muscle fibers in your abdomen. These ab workouts are very intense exercises if properly performed.

Before you do your ab workouts, you will need to position the Swiss Ball in front of something strong and sturdy which you can hold on to, such as a power rack, or a Smith Machine, or an extremely heavy-duty workout bench. Place the Swiss Ball a few feet in front of what you are going to hold on to, then begin positioning your body for your ab workouts by sitting on the Swiss Ball, taking a short step with your right foot, another short step with your left foot, and lie down on the Swiss Ball with your back straight.

Then extend both of your arms behind your head and take a firm grasp of whatever you will use as an anchor for you body. Make sure that before doing your ab workouts that your hips and shoulders are firmly positioned on the Swiss Ball, and that your body is not too far out on either end of the ball. Have your knees bent and you toes slightly pointed straight.

Begin your ab workouts by curling up and contracting your lower abdominal area, lifting both of your legs in the process, and curling your hips up towards your shoulders. Make sure that you always keep your neck in vary relaxed position in these ab workouts, with your vision focused up and on the ceiling. Continue raising both of your legs gradually until your toes are pointing straight way up, with both of your legs positioned at a 90 degree angle. Then cap off your ab workouts by lowering your legs very slowly to your first position.

Before you begin your quest towards the ultimate six-pack, you must establish a solid foundation to work on. The foundation for any workout program -whether it's targeting your whole body or targeting your abdominals solely- must start with a strong core. Most individuals fail to reach their goals because their weak core limits their overall stamina and strength.

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