Need help with Recurring Thrush?

Stop recurring thrush in it’s tracksrecurring thrush

If you are experiencing recurring thrush it’s likely you’re more susceptible to a yeast imbalance and not maintaining the affected areas enough. Thrush is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans which is usually kept under control by your bodies natural balance. Recurring Thrush can become extremely problematic if left untreated. It can affecting your sex life and day to day activities. As with any recurring problem, if you feel uncertain and worried about your condition, always consult your doctor for advice, this is very important.

Thrush is most likely to reoccur when;
You do not apply medication regularly enough or do not follow instructions properly.

In order to fully restore the natural yeast balance you must maintain the treatment of affected areas. For example, using Canesten cream will help restore the bodies natural balance but you must use it often enough for it to work. Always stick to the guidelines on the medication, if in doubt, consult your doctor

You and your partner pass the thrush from one to another

If your partner shows any signs of thrush ensure they are also treating the affected areas paying close attention to the medication guidlines.

Sexual contact

If you have recurring thrush, during treatment it would be prudent to abstain from sex until the problem has cleared up. This is to prevent coming into contact with anything that can halt the healing process and imbalance the affected areas.

Fabrics and underwear

Certain types of fabrics like Nylons and underwear(particularly thongs) can cause recurring thrush, if you can, switch to cotton and make sure your underwear is not too tight.

Chemical products

Chemicals in bathing products and soaps can disturb your bodies natural balance and allow thrush to thrive. Only use products delicate to the skin.

Thrush Myths

There is no evidence that the contraceptive pill, tampons, or sanitary towels increase the risk of getting thrush.

If you continue to find Thrush a recurring problem it is best to consult your doctor as there may be another underlying problem causing the thrush or similar symptoms. Be safe, talk to a doctor.