Neck Strain

Neck sprain is a stretching or tearing feeling in the tissues of the neck. A neck strain is an injury that can damage the ligaments and muscles that support the neck and head.

Neck Strain

A strain in any part of a body is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon. Neck is surrounded by small muscles running close to the vertebrae and larger muscles that make up the visible muscles of the neck.


Neck strain can be caused when neck got unexpected bend, as if you a person is suddenly accelerated forward, then the head has tendency to remain behind and thus neck bends backwards suddenly. Our neck stays in constant tension to hold the head up. If a person having any injury on either neck or head, this may result to strain in neck. Sometime if you keep your neck one side while sleeping this may result to strain in neck. People who work on computer for a long time may suffer from the problem of neck strain.


If a person having strain in neck he/she may experience severe pain in the area around neck. Sometime it may have aching in neck. Even head movements also seems difficult and if one tries to move head side to side this can get pain in the neck. In some cases patient of neck strain may get numbness in fingers and also in forearms. Some other symptoms are blurred vision, swallowing, dizziness, stiffness, noise in ear and also nausea.


Most of the patients of neck strain recover in one-two weeks but in some conditions, it can have long term effects such as long term discomfort, pain and limitation of movements. If a person is facing difficulty by sitting in same position for long time, then you should try to take small gaps between the working schedules. You can wear a soft cervical collar round your neck as it would be helpful in supporting head and also relieve pressure of neck.