Neck stiffness is one of the meningitis symptoms

Meningitis is a soreness of the defensive membranes covering the spinal cord and brain, it is also known as meninges. This problem of inflammation can be caused due to the infection of bacteria, micro organism, and viruses. It is one of the dangerous diseases which directly affect the spinal cord and brain, in some cases it is a life threatening one which may be classified to medical emergency. If a person gets affected to this problem, he may suffer from lot of problems which may lead to risk and danger.  The most common meningitis symptoms are neck stiffness, fever, consciousness, headache, vomiting, phobia of anything, and lot more. Other symptom present in this disease is drowsiness and irritability. All this signs are noticeable and if a person suffers from the rashes it is indicated that he is suffering from meninigitis. This disease is caused due to the meningococcal bacteria that are characterized by red rashes. It is also leads to blood poising which may cause to fatalness. There are various kinds of meningitis symptoms which one should know if got affected, the signs of early warning differs from the later signs.

Following are the early warning signs, it includes:-
Originally the early signs are different from the other symptoms before causing from this disease.
1) Pain in legs, hands, joints, limbs, and muscles.
2) Uncommonly they get shivering sensation with cold feet and hands.
3) Blue lips and blotchy or pale skin.
4) Severe headache.
5) Fever
6) Feel sick due to nausea.
7) Vomiting
8) Getting sick

The meningitis symptoms are noticeable which affects all the age group from children’s to adults. This disease can be cured by using various antibiotics, steroids, and more. In some cases, sometime in children’s this signs of this disease is not noticeable, but later after the time passes it is visible.
Following are the later symptoms after the case gets worse, they are:-
1) Confusion
2) Drowsiness
3) Rapid breathing
4) Fits or seizures
5) Stiffness of neck (found less in children).
6) Photophobia (cannot tolerate bright lights)
7) Blotchy skin (red rashes)
8) Changes of color
The meningitis is most dangerous disease to young children, so if a parent should take care of their kids when they found red rashes on skin. The meningitis symptoms are possibly visible in case of children’s and it differs from infant babies to young children. Following are the symptoms found in babies and children that are caused to this disease, it includes:-
1) Uncommonly crying
2) Loss of appetite
3) Blotchy and pale skin
4) Very sleepy with lack of wake up
5) Staring expression
6) Irritation
7) Vomiting
8) Refuse to eat food
9) Becoming unresponsive and floppy
10) Not want to be held
11) Swelling on the soft part of the head (fontanelle)