Nature’s Best – The Acai Berry

Fruits have been around for centuries. They have been a part of different occasions and celebrations, most especially in a regular household. Different fruits contain different nutritive values; example – an orange is known to have more Vitamin C, while a banana is known for its Potassium content. But nature really has its way to produce different fruits in order to supplement man’s needs.

The fruit from the Amazon rainforest can now be termed as nature’s best Acai berry. Best Acai berry indeed because it does not only provide limited nutritive value. It is known to contain all types of beneficial substance for all body systems. Included are: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-Vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids like the oleic acid, antioxidants, minerals like Calcium, and fiber. When these work together, synergistic effects take place. This berry fruit is naturally grown in Brazil and its tree only yields two times in a year. The fruit has only a shelf-life of 24 hours starting from harvest and it spoils and loses its nutritive content after that period of time.

Nature’s best Acai berry can ensure that the cardiovascular system is healthy by preventing blood clot formation which can result to myocardial infarction; it also decreases the levels of low density lipoproteins, thus, reducing the risk of heart attacks and occurrence of high blood pressure. Another known benefit is that is increases the immune systems functioning which helps fight off microorganisms, thus, decreases the incidence of diseases.

Since its discovery it has also been promoted as a weight loss agent, because of the fact that it increases metabolic rate and regulates bowel movement. Some still oppose this benefit but most consumers already testify to its effectiveness.