Naturally Shrink Fibroid Tumors – How to Reduce Fibroids

Many women believe that it is not possible to naturally shrink fibroid tumors and this is a perfectly understandable viewpoint as many medical professionals do not indicate that it is possible.

If you have suffered from fibroids for any length of time, you have probably been led to believe that very little can be done other than having surgery. Indeed common advice from doctors is to simply leave fibroids alone and try to ignore them as when the menopause approaches, the fibroids will naturally reduce in size. This advice is perfectly fine if your fibroids are causing you no problems and as the vast majority of fibroids are completely benign, this advice can be sensible in certain circumstances.

However, for most women with larger fibroids this is not acceptable advice. Fibroids can cause very unpleasant symptoms such as bleeding between periods, heavy bleeding during periods leading to anemia, urinary and bowel problems, bloating, breathlessness and sexual difficulties.

There are a few alternative practitioners who will give advice on how to naturally shrink fibroid tumors. However, it can be very difficult to locate one who specializes in fibroids and if you manage to do so, the charges can be very expensive and waiting lists can be very long as the demand is great.

Many women are surprised to learn that surgical treatment (with the exception of a hysterectomy) can not be considered a permanent cure. This means that you can go through around 3-6 months of dangerous hormone treatment to shrink the fibroids making surgery less risky, then a painful operation, requiring lengthy recovery times, only too find that within a few months, the fibroids will start to regrow . This is because surgery does nothing to treat the causes of fibroids – even though you get rid of the fibroids, whatever caused them in the first place is still there so it is logical that they will return.

Doctors are not in complete agreement as to the causes of fibroids. However, they do agree that there are factors which predispose women towards them. It is known that high estrogen levels can contribute to fibroid formation and that if you are in your thirties, you are more likely to have fibroids. In addition, Afro-Caribbean women are more likely to suffer. Hereditary factors also play a part, with the daughters of women who had fibroids having an increased risk themselves.

To be successful, advice to naturally shrink fibroid tumors must look at all possible causes and systematically eliminate and treat them by using methods which have been proven to work. For example, if excess estrogen is clearly a problem, you will need to concentrate on ways of reducing levels within the body. This can be done partly by maintaining a healthy weight and by eliminating all possible pollutants from the liver which can mimic estrogen.

What is important to understand is that there is no one easy way to shrink fibroids naturally and anybody who tells you otherwise is being economical with the truth! However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and with perseverance and the correct strategies it is absolutely possible. Increasingly, women are finding that natural methods of reducing fibroids is indeed a viable option and that there is no need to suffer endlessly from those terrible symptoms or to undergo unnecessary and often pointless surgery. The very fact that fibroids are rarely dangerous means that you have the option of using natural treatments without jeopardizing your health.