Naturally Healing the Heart: Heart Disease & Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure/heart disease
Weakening of the heart causing insufficient blood flow to vital organs, symtpoms include shortness of breath, fliud retention, enlarged heart, and weakend kidney function. Eating the right kind of fat is important. If you crave bad fats then your body is telling you that you really need “good” fats like Super Omega 3 which helps to reduce heart disease and inflammation. Lecithin is another “good” fat that helps liquify cholesterol and dissolve plaque. FIBER IS VERY IMPORTANT ALSO!! If u don’t get enough in your diet we have Natures 3- Fiber rich and sodium free supplement
NEVER cook with Criso. best is olive oil

Natural supplements for the heart:
L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is already in our body but depletes with age. Its function is to transport long-chain fatty acids therefore reducing and preventing fat buildup in the heart and circulatory system. Symptoms of a deficiency include progressive muscle weakness and hypoglycemia. Used for heart problems, weight control and loss of energy, Reye’s syndrome, Graves Disease…

Hawthorn Berries  is an herb that strengthens and restores the heart. Clinical and labratory research findings show that it is beneficial in treating an umber of heart conditions including, angina, arrhythmia, artherosclerosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It improves the tone of the heart muscle, oxygen uptake, improves circulation to the heart, energizes heart cells and dilates blood vessels. When used for blood pressure, garlic works great along with it! Completely safe for long term use However the ONLY interaction is the drug digitalis does sometimes counteract and must be reduced and your dr wean you slowly off the digitalis.

CoQ10 is probably the most important heart nutrient for the circulatory system. It lowers blood pressure,oxygenates the heart muscle, detoxification and extends life for those with congestive heart disease. Your bodies natural CoQ10 depletes with age, esp. after 50 so supplementing is essential. Great to use with hawthorn or garlic. It is beneficial to the heart, liver, gums, thyroid, muscles and pituatary. From recovery from a heart attack larger doses are required 1,000 mg daily. Also helps reduce side effects of chemotherapy.

Antioxidants are a must and this is the best and highest antioxidant level on the market today. It is the ONLY product with ORAC certified label by the Brunswick Labs. Higher antioxidant levels than all competitors including Monavie and Xango. THAI GO  clearly outperformed all other leading competitors in ORAC capacity- Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity(which is the measure of antioxidant strength) It is the only product with the ORAC stamp on the label from the Brunswick Lab.
Bioflavonoids enhance Vitamin C absorption and help maintain collagen and capillary walls.  Also aid in the bodys defense system. Antioxidants scavage and destroy damaging free radicals and benefit every organ and system in the body. Antioxidants are getting increasing attention from the scientific community.  Xanthones has attracted alot of attention also, scientists are discovering that these compounds support immune, structural and digestive systems, and the brain and skin.Free Radicals are hgih energy particles caused by pollutants that we absorb through the air, diet, drinking, through your skin..Free radicals lack an electron. Their only mission is to steal one, causing damage to your healthy cells by altering its chemical structure. In the oxidative chaos, free radicals critically damage your cells, proteins, DNA and therefore causes cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and on and on. Antioxidants are important to us because they stop damage from free radicals by providing them with the elecrons they so desperately are seeking out, leaving strong and healthy cells alone.

Mangosteen is one of the key ingredients of Thai Go, a fruit found in Thailand. Mangosteen contains the single-greatest known supply of xanthones that support the immune, structural, digestive systems, brain and skin health. Antibiotic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits. Also helps rid our body of toxins and free radicals that have been damaging our bodies from  birth.Mangosteen fruit contains the highest content of xanthones.
Researchers studying xanthones, have discovered that they are a powerful aid in fighting diabetes. Mangosteens xanthones are also very helpful with high blood pressure.Xanthones have been shown to have beneficial effects on some cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke, atheriosclerosis, hypertension, and thrombosis. Inflammation is one of the main causes of heart disease.  Mangosteens natural substance offer the potential of halting or reversing this inflammation. Also good to lower cholesterol. Fibromaylagia.
Xanthones have been demonstrated by scientists at the National University of Singapore to possess anti-viral properties also. Other international scientists have discovered that mangosteen xanthones can destroy salmonella and tuberculosis bacteria.
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