Naturally Get Rid of a Yeast Infection Rash

Having a yeast infection rash is one of the many symptoms of having this irritating condition. Although annoying, you can get rid of all the symptoms naturally if you know how. Before you go to your local supermarket to purchase an over the counter medication, consider stopping by your dairy aisle and grabbing some yogurt instead to get quick relief instead.

Yogurt is good for the digestive and immune system because it contains friendly bacteria that helps your body defend your digestion system from bad bacteria. It is crucial to note here that not all yogurt will be useful. Most store brands of yogurt have been heat treated to extend its shelf life, and kills the good bacteria because of this.

When seeking yogurt you need to make sure that it is plain, contains no sugar, no additives, no coloring and is not heat-treated. You can find this kind of yogurt at most health food stores. When you have a small carton of natural yogurt, you will not be eating it.

To naturally relieve your yeast infection rash easily, using a spatula apply a thick layer topically over your affected area, spread it evenly with your fingers and then leave the yogurt on your skin for about an hour before you rinse it off. When you apply this natural treatment as needed, the good bacteria along with the soothing and cooling effect of the yogurt will make your rash go away quicker than any over the counter creams or lotions ever will.