Naturally Defeats Acid Reflux Without Drugs

The last few decades have seen an increased effort in brainwashing all of us into a mind-set of believing that the natural digestive acids produced by your stomach are the culprit of digestive problems such as acid reflux, bloating, heartburn,ulcer, indigestion,allergies or constipation.

Natural Stomach acids needed for digestion.

Indeed as a result of that brainwashing, acid-blocker drugs are selling like hot cakes, even though they do not ever address the real cause of the acid reflux problem. As if human beings are brain dead, the ads pushing these drugs and the anti-acids, even claim that those drugs can stop the secretion of natural stomach acids for a whole day. Reader, have you ever stopped for a moment, to ask exactly how food can be digested without the presence of the natural stomach acids?

Truth always being stranger than fiction, the simple naked truth is that using medications to block the secretion of stomach acids, cannot and does not eliminate the cause of acid reflux. You find that using them does make your stomach pain or other stomach problems worse.

The cause of acid reflux.

There is every indication from clinical researches, that an amino acid deficiency, particularly your deficiency of glycine, as being the cause of digestive problems, like food allergy,constipation, ulcer, heartburn,indigestion,bloating and of course the acid reflux disease, if you want to call it that.

It is the most common of all amino acids, and is synthesized by your own body, provided your nutrition contains the required raw materials. Because your body can make it, it is classified as non-essential in comparison to the essential amino acids that the body does not make, and you must therefore supplement your body with them if you want to maintain good health.

It was in the beginning of the 20th century, circa 1911, that research on glycine was seriously begun. Soon thereafter clinical reports were showing the critical importance of glycine to overall health of the body human. It was also the same time-interval, that the deceptive pharmaceutical compounds begun to take root as the method of choice (due to brainwashing) of handling ailments, while effective and safe natural therapies were being brushed aside by the self-serving media as being old-fashioned.

It should be kept uppermost in your mind, that the body’s ability to synthesize glycine and maintain adequate levels of it, depends on your nutrition to supply the specific raw materials. And most of the nutrition in North America today is down the pits, so to speak. It is highly processed that most of the nutrition is removed including dietary-fiber, then loaded with toxic additives and unnatural preservatives. While it is expensive in money terms, it is very poor in nutritional terms and a cause of many health problems this day.

Matters are not helped at all, that even the public water supply is loaded with toxic chlorine and toxic fluoride. Add to all that the stress of living and surely your body can easily get overwhelmed in an effort to produce sufficient levels of the amino-acid glycine.

Boost Glycine Levels to eliminate acid reflux, naturally

Your body absolutely needs a supply of high quality protein on a periodic basis, as the specific raw material to synthesize glycine. One of the best and high quality protein has also demonstrated it’s unique ability to protect your intestinal tract and stomach from stress induced ulcers, and removes them if already present. Likewise, because it is a natural direct precursor to an abundance of glycine in your body, acid reflux is also eliminated.

You will readily notice that inadequate protein from the diet is very common in the elderly as well, not only due to poor nutrition, but as well due to decreased ability to produce the digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid necessary for it’s proper digestion.