Naturally Control Diabetes

Diabetes has been around for thousands of years. However prior to 1921 when insulin was discovered, it was difficult to manage. Prior to this time individuals turned to diet, exercises and herbs as a means of regulating their glucose levels.

By 1950 diabetes pills came on the scene, and people began to again turn away from the naturally controlling diabetes. In 1970 the blood glucose monitoring equipment was developed. These devices provided the means for people to accurately monitor their blood sugar levels with the assistance of their health-care providers.

While tremendous strides have been made in the medical community for treating diabetes and its complications, diabetes is continuously growing and at an alarming rate. This new epidemic is directly related to the foods consumed and the sedentary life styles lead by most individuals.

Many individuals are now seeking additional ways to naturally control their blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Some easy steps that can be incorporated starting today are the following:

o Walking – this is a great exercise that most individuals can partake in. A correctly correctly fitting pair of shoes and a commitment to the program is all that's needed.

o Strength Training – is a good way to build a small amount of muscle. It however requires a great financial and time commitment then walking.

o Other forms of cardio exercise along walking are swimming, dancing and running. For most individuals, these can be incorporated easily into their daily lives.

o Healthy eating practices for diabetics should consist of a diet that is low fat, low carbohydrate and high protein.

Many diabetics have found that walking about 30 minutes after eating a meals helps in naturally controlling their blood sugar levels. While exercise plays an important part in a diabetic's daily life, the same goes for diet and their diabetes management team.