Natural Weight Loss – The Easy Way to Lose Weight


If you are serious about losing pounds then you need to follow the principles of natural weight loss. Forget about the faddy diets and killing yourself down at the gym. Ignore the latest advertisement for diet pills or diet drinks. In fact, ignore the whole diet industry for a while and get back to basics.

In theory it should be easy to lose weight. You simply eat less and move more. But simple does not always cut it. It is not easy to change the habits you have developed over a lifetime that quickly.

So what can you do? The first thing is to set yourself a number of small goals. Forget about losing 150 pounds. This might be your ultimate goal but for starters why not aim to lose 20 pounds by the end of four weeks. Setting yourself small but achievable miles will help to reinforce your motivation to succeed. Now it is pointless to set silly goals. We can all lose 5 pounds in two weeks. You do need to set a challenge or else it is not worth pursuing.

Why not rope in a friend to lose weight with you. You will probably find that it is easier to keep going when someone else is in the same boat. Also if your friends are involved, they are less likely to drag you down to the pub for calorie laden drinks.

See what types of exercise classes you could sign up for. Now there would be a great time to try something different such as dancing the salsa. You never know you may fall in love with all things Latin American while also losing pounds.

On the food front keep things simple. Eat your breakfast every morning and front load your day with carbohydrates. You need carbs to get your essential vitamins and minerals but having them at the start of the day gives you a chance to work them off. No carbs allowed after 5 pm will mean that you wake up hungry!

Cut all white food out of your diet now. No more sugar, salt, white bread, rice, pasta or pizzas. No more cakes, biscuits, crisps or other sugary snacks. To avoid being tempted by these poor food substitutes buy yourself a quality bar of plain chocolate. A square of this a night can be your treat just to avoid feeling deprived.

Fill up on fruit and vegetables. Make a point of eating different colored vegetables every day and try one new variety at least once a week. Ditch the diet drinks, coffee and tea. Switch to skimmed milk and drink green tea for its fat burning qualities.

Drink plenty of water and start listening to your body. When you are full, stop eating. It sounds simple but most of us are conditioned to finish the food on our plates. Not any more.

Natural weight loss techniques are simple to implement and will work wonders over the long term.