Natural Ways to Treat Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common problem for infants. Urine and feces trapped against your baby’s skin can cause irritation and the skin to break down. This can result in redness or bumps on your baby’s bottom. Keeping baby dry is the best way to prevent diaper rash, but unfortunately even when you change your little one frequently, he can still get a diaper rash.;

While diaper rash is often caused by skin irritation from sitting in a diaper too long, some babies are sensitive to other things like scented wipes, lotions or laundry detergents. If your baby is using cloth diapers you may need to use a special detergent designed for cloth diapers or one made just for babies. Diaper rash can also be caused by yeast infections, food allergies, or sensitivity to certain types of infant formula.

You can help prevent rashes by keeping your baby’s bottom dry. Change his diaper frequently, as soon as you notice he is wet. Also after you have changed his diaper, this may be a good time to let him get a little fresh air. Allowing him a few minutes to air out his bottom may help to keep him dry and rash free. Diaper creams and ointments may be necessary to clear up redness and prevent rashes.

If you are looking for some natural remedies for treating diaper rash here are a few that might help.

Petroleum jelly – Petroleum jelly creates a barrier that keeps moisture away from baby’s bottom. This may help clear up your baby’s bottom.

Olive oil – Good old fashioned olive oil is a natural and inexpensive lubricant. It may soothe baby’s skin and may help to keep moisture from getting close to baby’s skin.

Lotrimin and Mylanta – This is a recipe some moms swear by and even doctors will sometimes recommend this. Take an antacid like Mylanta or Maalox. Mix it together with an antifungal cream like Lotrimin to create a paste. Put this on baby’s bottom and it may help to clear up a persistent rash. The antacid properties in Mylanta may also be comforting to baby’s bottom.